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I'm kinda new to Linux C programming.. and I made a function that will accept a line of text with tag such as %%FIRSTNAME%% and %%LASTNAME%% and many more.. and should replace them with the correct value and then return the new string to the calling function. I used regular expression to do this and some memory function (malloc, realloc).. now.. I'll show you the function and I would like to know if there is some memory leak in this. I don't free(tag) cuz it gives me a segmentation fault and I don't understand why..

Also, I would appreciate any comment to improve my function.

So Here it is:

#include        <stdlib.h>
#include        <sys/types.h>
#include        <regex.h>
#include        <stdio.h>
#include        <string.h>

#define ARG_SIZE 1000

char *SubstituteString (char *, int *);
char *processTag(const char *, int*);

int main(int argc, char *argv[]){

        char line[] = "Welcome %%FIRSTNAME%% %%LASTNAME%%! We are pleased to invite you..";
        int err = 0;
        char *my_ret;

        my_ret = SubstituteString(line, &err);
        if (err != 0)

        return 0;

char *SubstituteString(char *myLine, int *err)
        regex_t regex;                  // regex
        int reti;                       // regex
        regmatch_t pmatch[2];           // regex
        int i, j;                       // Loop
        int start = 0;                  // regex
        char *tag;                      // tag
        char *where;                    // regex
        char *tag_return;               // tag
        char *completeLine = NULL;

/* Compile regular expression */
        reti = regcomp(&regex, "%%([[:alnum:]]+)%%", REG_EXTENDED);
        if( reti ){ fprintf(stderr, "Could not compile regex\n"); exit(1); }

/* Execute regular expression */
        completeLine = (char *) malloc(1);
        bzero(completeLine, 1);
        where = myLine;
        while(regexec(&regex, myLine + start, 2, pmatch, 0) == 0)
                if ((tag = (char *) malloc(pmatch[1].rm_eo - pmatch[1].rm_so) + 1) == NULL)
                        *err = EOF;
                        return NULL;
                for (i = start + pmatch[1].rm_so, j = 0; i < start + pmatch[1].rm_eo; i++, j++)
                        tag[j] = myLine[i];
                tag[j] = '\0';
                tag_return = processTag(tag, &reti);

                // Reallocate enough memory
                completeLine = (char *) realloc(completeLine, strlen(completeLine) + pmatch[0].rm_so + strlen(tag_return));
                // Add the line as well as the tag_return
                strncat(completeLine, where, pmatch[0].rm_so);
                strcat(completeLine, tag_return);
                //update the start & where
                start += pmatch[0].rm_eo;
                where = myLine + start;
        completeLine = (char *) realloc(completeLine, strlen(completeLine) + strlen(where) + 1);
        strcat(completeLine, where);    // strcat the rest of the line
        return completeLine;

char *processTag(const char *tag, int *err)
        // this function is to be developped..
        // Should return a meaningful value depending of the arg tag
        char *ret;
        ret = (char *) malloc(strlen("This remplace the tag")+1);
        strcpy(ret, "This remplace the tag");
        return ret;
1 Solution
kuistAuthor Commented:
I guess I could have made a recursive function... but didn't know quite well how to do it correctly =/
Yes. You have leaks.

Anytime you do a malloc() (or calloc, realloc, etc), within a function, and you don't free that memory, you have a leak, unless you return a pointer to it that memory so you can free it later...

Why can't you free tag at the end of the function, before you return???

kuistAuthor Commented:
I don't know why!!

I wanted to put:


just below the line :
tag_return = processTag(tag, &reti);

and I wanted to put

just below the line :
strcat(completeLine, tag_return);

but when I do this, I get a Segmentation fault.

I just tried the second free (free(tag_return);) and works well.. I didn't tried it before.

but when I uncomment the free(tag);
it gives a Segmentation fault :(

I have no idea why.
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The reason you get a segmentation fault is because of this line:

  if ((tag = (char *) malloc(pmatch[1].rm_eo - pmatch[1].rm_so) + 1) == NULL)

The () are not matched correctly, so that instead of adding 1 to (pmatch[1].rm_eo - pmatch[1].rm_so), you are acutally adding 1 to the address you are assigning.  Then, if you try and free the data, you overstep what was allocated, causing a segmentation fault.  The correct line would be:

  if ((tag = (char *) malloc((pmatch[1].rm_eo - pmatch[1].rm_so) + 1)) == NULL)

Hope this helps,

kuistAuthor Commented:
Worked well!!

So by freeing Tag and tag_return... assuming I'm taking care of completeLine in the calling function, there would be no leak in this function ?
well then give him the points...!!!!!!!
hey and try making things simple...

As far as I can tell, yes.  
kuistAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot :)

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