WIn 98se trying to read NTFS on 2nd Drive

Hello Experts. please help if you can..I installed a second drive into PC which was NTFS. I had a partition created then formatted new area with FAT32. First drive still running 98se. I was able to readonly the ntfs area of the second drive and reads and write to the FAT32 area. Now i can still read and write to the FAT 32 area of the 2nd drive, but cant read the NTFS area of the drive. I have loads of stuff on there that id like to keep. If thats not possible, can someone guide me through how to remove the partition and reformat the 2nd drive with FAT32. Thanks again !! Im new here by the way and would gladly give my little 75 points freebie to anyone for a quick response, i know its not much.!
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JzaltheralConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, I am not sure how you were reading the NTFS partition fom Windows 98SE anyway, as Windows 98 does not support NTFS, and as far as I know, can't read them.

As far as repartitioning your drive and reformatting the NTFS portion, you'd probably have to put the harddisk in an NT or Windows 2000 machine so that it could recognize the partition and allow you to work with it.

ykchickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like jzal, I'm a bit confused on the details because Win98 can't read NTFS. I'm just going to recap based on my understanding of your question:

Drive1 was in the PC and was/is running Win 98 SE. You added Drive2, which had an NTFS partition, and created a second partition on Drive2 that you formatted with FAT32. You boot the PC with Win98 on Drive1, which lets you see the information on Drive1 and the FAT32 partition on Drive2 (which is exactly what it should do). You want to save the data on the NTFS partition, then make it usable within your Win98 PC environment.

Is that all correct? If so, then I agree with jzal that you need to put Drive2 into an NT/2000/XP machine if you want to "rescue" the data. You can't convert the partition to FAT32 from NTFS, although you can convert a partition from FAT32 *to* NTFS without data loss. Once you connect Drive2 to a system that recognizes NTFS, you would then have to transfer the data to a FAT or FAT32 drive temporarily, reformat the NTFS partition as FAT32, then copy the data back to the new FAT32 partition.

Another possibility for saving the data would be burning it to CDs (or DVD) once it is in a system that reads NTFS. Then you reformat the drive, put in back in the win98 PC, and reload the data from the CDs.

If you give up on the data, I believe there are ways to reformat the partition without moving the drive to a different system (I haven't had to do it personally but several possibilities spring to mind).
hey there... i assume that since you could read only the ntfs on the 2nd drive you were using something like this to acess it if not try this link
they are some ntfs file systm drivers

waffleironheadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
also may want to take a look at theses tools

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