I am getting "No Dial Tone" when I try to connect.

I put a brand new modem in in this PII350 computer.  Mobo is PC100 440BXToo.  Modem works fine on other Intel SE440BX2 machine.  I tried my old modem which works fine in the 440BX also. Both modems give me NO
DIALTONE.  I checked the line and jack from the wall with a phone.  Works fine.  I plugged the phone into the phone jack on the modem....I get a dial tone.  I checked More info in Diagnostics...The info pulls up. There is no Fax software.  This is a brand new clean Win 98 Sec Ed. install and nothing else is installed.  The only thing I can think of is in the Telephony settings it has NSIDSWAN which I cannot delete for some reason.  It has a greyed out check that says use as default. Also has the normal Unimodem.  The Ami Bios has settings for Power management to enable monitoring of the modem to wake on Ring.  I tried both settings.  Modem Installed?  Yes and no. And tried to set port to monitor.  The modem is installed on Com 3 on IRQ 12.  The bios will not let me monitor IRQ 12.  I even had it on other IRQ's and set to monitor.  Same thing....no dial tone.  Also I have the ps/2 mouse connected to a serial port....(the ps/2 port is broken...need to replace.) It was set to com 1.  So I switched it to com2 thinking that perhaps the com 1 and 3 were conflicting somehow.  I did have this working on the first dialup session on this pc right after the install.  I then installed Netbeui and finished installing my Network settings for my Peer to peer network and then is when it quit working.
Any suggestions?  Or do I need to reformat and start over?
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Greetings, princessl!
  You are saying both modems works fine in the other computer but not on the one you are working on?  When you are Modem Diagnostics, and you select "More Info" do you get a response?

Check if the drivers are install correctly. Uninstall the modem driver from Add/Remove Programs. If nothing there, delete the modem driver from Device Manager. Reboot and let Windows re-install the driver.

Best wishes, war1
   Also reset your Dialup Network.

Open Network settings
1.) Remove all protocols or everything EXCEPT leave the NIC Adapter
2.) Click Apply & Close the Properties box, but on reboot notice, hit Cancel. Do not reboot!
3.) Open Regedit and delete these keys:


Close Registry Editor.

4.) Open Network Properties again, and Click ADD - PROTOCOL - Microsoft/TCPIP (should Add Client for MS Networks Automatically)

Have your windows CD ready or the CAB files,
Reboot and you should be good.
Try unchecking the "wait for dialtone" tab  in your internet connection name properties. That fixed it for me once.
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I would go back to basics first ensuring that the card is securely in its slot and that the IRQ's are correctly configured for the card (as some seem to be IRQ dependant).

another possability curtesy of microsoft


When you attempt to dial out using Dial-Up Networking, you may see either of the following error messages:

Dial tone not found.

Cannot open port in registry.


This behavior can occur if the following conditions are true:

1)A Rockwell Soft56k modem is installed in your computer.


2)The COM ports are configured to Disabled or Auto in the BIOS.


To resolve this issue, configure the COM ports to ON or choose specific resources in the BIOS. For information about how to do this, contact your hardware manufacturer.

or maybe this.


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princesslAuthor Commented:
I tried unchecking wait for dial tone. Did not work...get no carrier.
War 1
Tried that...didn't work.. Reformatted and reinstalled...same thing.
Modem in Creative modem blaster HFC 56 PCI DI5630
Com ports in Bios are set to auto...and all ports set to pnp.
Has AMI Bios 1998...
767V....Setting for monitoring wake on Ring is set
Modem Onboard:  No
monitor ring...N/a
monitor lan....n/a

Will go in and set com1 to EF8 and irq4
and com 2 to the default for irq3
and let you know.
princesslAuthor Commented:
Resetting the com ports in the bios seemed to fix the problem.  What was happening was the Bios was seeing the pci card on irq 10 and Windows was seeing it on irq 12.
Thus, the conflict.  By taking off the AUTO setting
it let the modem move to irq 10 in Windows and walaa...
Thanks Griffon.
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