Sun Enterprise Network Array on Windows2k

I'm trying to get a Sun Enterprise Network Array to run on my windows box correctly. If have the appropriate drivers loaded for the Fibre channel card and the drives show up in windows disk management fine. I have the 12 diskd in a stripe and it seems about every other time i transfer data to them the whole volume (drive f:) just suddenly disappears. When i go back into disk management it says that all the drives are offline. When I reactivate one they all seem to come back and then F: appears again. for each disk there is an Unknown device " SUN SENA SCSI Enclosure Device" and I can't find drivers for it ANYWEHRE. Not sure if that is creating the problem or not. Wondering if any has any clues or anything that I might try? Only thing i've tried is swapping the drivers for the fibre channel card. Thanks!
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There are patches available from Sun that may address potential problems like this.  Have you looked into the sotware patches ??

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the SUN SENA SCSI Enclosure devices is an In-band scsi enclosure monitoring devise that is used by sun to pass enclosure information ( power, fans, etc.) to the management application. I would not think that there is a Windows Version of this application but I could be wrong.  Are you using a SUN FibreChannel Card or are you using a Third Party card. Sun Uses there own firmware on the drives, so this could be causing a problem with the Host buss adaptor. If you are using a SUN HBA, try using the OEM drivers. (Sun OEM's there HBA from Q-logic).  
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i don't remember exactly WHAT fixed the problem. but i do remember getting the exact help i needed from the sun forums. although mfrost DID tell me exactly what the SENA devices were (and they were actually not needed for normal operation). i do not own the array any longer though. thanks for the help!
I have an A5200 with 22 disks in it running on XP. Windows reports 16 “SUN SENA SCSI Enclosure Devices” in device manager

I’ve never had any issues with my disk other than the fact the Add New Hardware Wizard come up each time I log on and finds all 16! I’m not to keen on disabling these in case it causes issues. Have you disabled yours?

I would imagine that your issue is one with the fibre card or cable.
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