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I am programming in DBASE 2000.  It is a mixture of DBASE and Delphi.  Since they don't have a DBASE 2000 or DB2K topic I will submit my question here.

I have a form that has a notebook with tabs....   My program goes to a certain directory reads all .DBF files into an array then creates a notebook1 object using the file names as tab names.  After I get the size of the array or how many elements are in it.  I use the element count to figure out how many grid objects I will need.  I want to have a grid per-tab.  This is so the user can click on the notebook tab that he wants and view the .DBF file in the grid.

My problem is this.  I don't want to go and create a set number of grids.   I want to be able to create how many I need acording to how many elements are in the .DBF array.  I need to know if there is a way to do this.  This what I tried but DBASE 2000 gets confused.

For i = 1 to FileArray.Size
   MyGridName := "Grid" + i
   MyGridName = New Grid(form.notebook1)
Next i

I was hoping this would loop through this and names each grid.  I.E. Grid1, Grid2, Grid3, Grid4,..etc

Then I could go and run another loop and assign value to each grid properties.....
  For i = 1 to FileArray.size
      With (Form.Notebook1.Grid + i)
         left := 1.00
         pageno := 2
  Next i

Please help.   I need to make this work.  
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I've taken a standard 'Tabbed Notebook Dialog' from File->New->Other->Forms->Tabbed Pages. Delphi 6.

Then I've added TabSheets as a public member to the form.

The OK-button makes 5 new tabsheets.
The Cancel-button deletes all tabsheets.

Should work rightaway.

good luck,

unit Unit2;


uses Windows, SysUtils, Classes, Graphics, Forms, Controls, StdCtrls,
  Buttons, ComCtrls, ExtCtrls;

  TPagesDlg = class(TForm)
    Panel1: TPanel;
    Panel2: TPanel;
    PageControl1: TPageControl;
    TabSheet3: TTabSheet;
    OKBtn: TButton;
    CancelBtn: TButton;
    HelpBtn: TButton;
    procedure OKBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure CancelBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
    { Private declarations }
    TabSheets : array of TTabsheet; // the new tabsheets

  PagesDlg: TPagesDlg;


{$R *.dfm}

procedure TPagesDlg.OKBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
  t : integer;
  newLength = 5;
  // set length of Tabsheets-array
  // create al Tabsheets
  for t := 0 to high(tabsheets) do
    tabsheets[t] := TTabSheet.Create(self);
    TabSheets[t].Parent := self;
    TabSheets[t].PageControl := PageControl1;
    TabSheets[t].Caption := 'Grid ' + inttostr(t);
    TabSheets[t].name := 'Grid ' + inttostr(t);

procedure TPagesDlg.CancelBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
  // delete all tabsheets
  for t := 0 to high(tabsheets) do

  // clear array

strongdAuthor Commented:
That is not what I am asking...  Basicly I am asking...   How do you make objects with variable names..???

You can't.

My problem is this.  I don't want to go and create a set number of grids.
so no static array.
I want to be able to create how many I need acording to how many elements are in the .DBF array.  
You want a dynamic array. (!)

if you for-loop through all the elements,
then you know how many elements you have,
and set the length of the dynamic array like this:
SetLength(tabsheets,[newlength]); (see previous example)

or while-loop through all the elements
and add with every iteration a new element:
while not (the end of dbase} do
  // set array-length 1 higher
  // create new tabsheet
  tabsheets[length(tabsheets)-1] := TTabSheet.Create(self);
  // go to next element in DBase

I need to know if there is a way to do this.
There is , but don't use variable names, but variable arrays :D

Use TabSheets[t].name := 'Grid ' + inttostr(t);
to set the name of a tabsheet.

For/while-loop through the array to find the sheet you want.
while assigned(TabSheets[t]) and (not TabSheets[t].name = 'Grid 2') do t := t+1;
result := Tabsheet[t];

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strongdAuthor Commented:
None of the people answered the question.  How do I get my points back?

strongdAuthor Commented:
The problem was never solved.   What these people told me to do, didn't work.  First off, I was working with DBase2000.  Experts Exchange doesn't even have a DBASE2000 or DBASE section.  So I never got it working and took a different route.  

I took another job about 2 months after I submitted this question.  I can't remember what I accually did to get around this.

Hopefully I can get my some of my points refunded.

strongdAuthor Commented:
What TicketToTotalitarianism suggested never worked!  Why are you guys forcing me to give him the points????

What he suggested to try never worked!

I guess I will have to be careful of how many points I post... because you guys will force me to accept answer even if it is wrong...

strongdAuthor Commented:
Sorry... I am no longer working in the that area.  Even if I was, because I was working on classified data for the Air Force, I couldn't post the code anyway.  Anything I wrote on a classified system, it is classified.  The code becomes classified, and the Air Force owns it.   If I posted code that was "CLASSIFED" I could go to jail.  

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