Winsock Control and Dynamic Array

I am trying to develop an application that will send a dynamic array to the server to process the files. the app is client/server app and the server is listening on port 1007. i am using winsock control. the client downloads some files from the server and than it stores the file names in a dymanic array and than send the results to the server to move the files to the archive directory. i don't know how i can pass the results of dynamic array (arrayFiles()) to the server?
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Convert the array to a delimited string first, e.g.:

strCSV = Join( a_strMyArray, "," )

Then, when it is at the server end, convert it back into an array as follows:

a_strMyArray() = Split( strCSV, "," )

Obviously, you should choose a delimiter which would not normally appear in any of your array elements, such as Chr(31)

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In your case, this would be:

strFiles = Join( arrayFiles(), Chr(31) )
' then send string using winsock.

At the other end...

' get string using winsock, then:
arrayFiles() = Split( strFiles, Chr(31) )




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skhan22Author Commented:
thanks for your quick reply. let me as you this. what if i have the loop below

*** Loop on client to store the file names into array*****

sFile = Dir$("c:\*.txt") 'Get first entry
Do Until Len(sFile) = 0 'Loop until we run out (sFile will be empty)
  If Not sFile = "." And Not sFile = ".." Then
    ReDim Preserve sArray(i)
    sArray(i) = sFile   'Display what we found
    i = i + 1
  End If

  sFile = Dir$ 'Get next entry.


After the above loop is done on the client. i want to send the results of variable i and sarray to the server and than let the server perform the loop below to get the file name and store it in strFile variable.

*** Loop on server to find the file names *****

For i = 0 To UBound(sArray) 'Now we have all the files in an array, so..
strFile = sArray(i)
Next i


Any help of this would be greatly appreciated.
skhan22Author Commented:
Thanks bukko for your help. your answer above helped me out with solving my problem.
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