windows 95 setup for toshiba sattelite pro

Hi everyone. Im really hoping that someone can help me install windows 95 on my toshiba sattelite pro 415cs. Let me give you some specs:

toshiba sattelite pro 415cs
90 mhz
swappable cd rom drive (model # xm-1502B)and floppy

I created a boot disk from and from reading some post i see that you have to click on .exe and coppy that to the floppy, but whenever i download things from there, it just says "please insert floppy" and writes directly to the disk. So thats that about the bootdisk.

Here is what I think the problem is. I think that the computer is not recognizing the floppy drive because it says:
CD- ROM Device driver for IDE (four channel supported)
driver version: v340
device name : banana
No drives found aborting installation
Device driver not found :Banana
no valid cd rom drivers selected.

I have the drivers for the cd rom (the disk that came with the cd drive) and I tried to just copy those to the boot disk, but i still says the same thing. So anyway, please help me. This thing is driving me absolutly nuts.

Also, when i go to bios, i can only boot either fdd-hdd or the hdd-fdd.

Thanks inadvance for your help.
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princessjadeAuthor Commented:
so should i just copyy that on to the boot disk?
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yes, and edit the config.sys

look for a line device=something.sys and change that to
princessjadeAuthor Commented:
oaky, let me try that..i'll let you know the deal
princessjadeAuthor Commented:
okay, im tryin to edit the config now, but there are7 lines that say:
rem DEVICE=cd1.sys /D:banana /p:1f0,14
rem DEVICE=cd1.sys /D:banana /p:170,15
rem DEVICE=cd1.sys /D:banana /p:170, 10
rem DEVICE=cd1.sys /D:banana /p:1e8,12
rem DEVICE=cd1.sys /D:banana /p:1e8,11
rem DEVICE=cd1.sys /D:banana /p:168,10
rem DEVICE=cd1.sys /D:banana /p:168,9

last drive=7

so should i change all of those to device=toscdrom.sys /d:toscd001??

thanks so much for your help by the way!
princessjadeAuthor Commented:
okay, so first i tried it without changing the 7 lines. didn't work, still coming up banana. Then i changed to device=toscdrom.sys /d:toscd001. still came up banana. i read the installation info an it said to change the autoexec.bat to: MSCDEX /D:TOSCD001 /M:10 /L:[drive letter], and i put the drive letter to d:. restarted now it says toscd001 no valid drom device driver selected
now what?
did you copy the toscd001.sys to the a: drive?
princessjadeAuthor Commented:
to the a drive? yeah. i did. i edited the autoexec.bat and config.sys. like the directions say, thats the only place i know how to copy it too.
Make your autoexec.bat and config.sys as shown below.


@echo off
MSCDEX.EXE  /D:banana /L:R


DEVICE=HIMEM.SYS /testmem:off
DEVICE=toscdrom.sys /D:banana

Good luck

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princessjadeAuthor Commented:
no luck :( any other ideas? (thanks for your help)
princessjadeAuthor Commented:
no luck :( any other ideas? (thanks for your help)
princessjadeAuthor Commented:
thanks but i figured it out through another sit, but still you did help!
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