ftp from windows to linux with was_ft not working

I had this working on windows but I had to reinstall ftp package on redhat linux it no longer works using the same settings.


usrid tomjones
password *******

I get an error saying connection refused.

I can log into other ftp sites no problem, so I assume I have to modify some settings in ftpaccess or some other file?


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1)  make sure your FTP daemon is running and/or restart it(ie, /etc/rc.d/init.d/??ftpd restart)

2)  make sure somehow you didn't get shut out by your own server-- check /etc/hosts.deny to make sure your address isn't in there.  (This shouldn't be a problem if you can make other xinetd connections, ie telnet or imap, to the machine)

3)  make sure the init script in /etc/rc.d/init.d is pointing to the right location to start the FTP daemon.

4)  make sure that if you "reinstalled" it didn't overwrite your previous configuration file.  I know that when I uninstalled and reinstalled vsftp I had to redo the entire config.

those are just a few things to start you on your way to troubleshooting...


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Conn refused is usually because the service isn't up on the expected port, a firewall is blocking that port, or you have inetd or xinetd set up to refuse access by the client to the server for that service.  Check that the service is running, , check the firewall config, and look at your inted.conf or xinetd.conf files.  One of those will most likely be the problem.

As -jer- mentioned, it's good to make sure that hosts.deny or hosts.allow isn;t causing you trouble, but on a reinstall I doubt it would be.

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