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string manipulation from text box input

Posted on 2003-03-25
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-07
i want a simple form that allows me to take say 4 labels a text box and a button.
If you enter "name" into the text box and click the button label1.cap = "n" label2.cap = "a" label3.cap = "m" and label4.cap = "e"

Please tell me how i can go about this. My problem is that i keep getting errors when i try to set an array equal to a text box or any string. In c++ you can set a char array equal to user input. i want to do this in VB.
Question by:seanreynolds

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ID: 8207432

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Label1.Caption = Mid(Text1.Text, 1, 1)
    Label2.Caption = Mid(Text1.Text, 2, 1)
    Label3.Caption = Mid(Text1.Text, 3, 1)
    Label4.Caption = Mid(Text1.Text, 4, 1)
End Sub

Accepted Solution

robertlees earned 80 total points
ID: 8207439
Create a textbox, a command button and one label. Give the label an index property of 0.

Sub Command1_click()
   dim n as integer

   'remove labels
   for n = label1.ubound to 1 step -1
      unload label1(n)
   next n

   for n=1 to len(text1.text)
      if n>1 then
         load label1(n)
         label1(n).top = label1(0).top
         label1(n).left = label1(n-1).left+label1(n-1).width
      end if
      label1(n).caption = mid(text1.text,n,1)
   next n
end sub

This places the label array side-by-side. You can play with the .top and .left statements as required.

Note that the first label is already there - you only have to create the extra labels, and they are positioned with respect to the first label.

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ID: 8207779
yes sean,

 from my experience to set the array you would use

 dim myArrayName (0 To 10)

 to declare an array of size 10. One problem I encountered with VB is dynamically setting the size of the array at run-time - good luck!!
 ...you don't actually need an array though. I thought I'd used Arrays in my last VB project about 10 times - just checked and I can't find 1! Try this - re-create your labels in a control array (draw the first one then copy and paste the others accepting to enter them into a control array), then insert this code into MyButtonName_Click() sub:-
 for x = 0 To Len(txtMyTextName.Text)
  myLabelName(x).Caption = Mid(txtMyTextName.Text, x, 1)

 Next x

That should sort you out
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ID: 8208127
I think what you looking for is this:
Dim bytArray() As Byte ' Create byte array same as creating character array in c++
    ' now the key here is that string in vb are in Unicode format so this function will conver them to regular ascii format
    bytArray = StrConv(txt.Text, vbFromUnicode)

Here you go you got your array of characters ;)
Best Regards

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ID: 8531599
Hi seanreynolds,
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