Recommend Motherboard Upgrade from the V72MA on an Aptiva 2158

I am looking to upgrade the motherboard and processor on my Aptiva 2158.  The current motherboard is a V72MA with a AMD-K6/333 processor.  What motherboard and processor can I get to upgrade my machine while keeping the same tower, hard drive, etc.?
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Well, I don't know about this specific machine, but the main question is: is it an ATX case (e.g. does the system automatically power off when you shut down Windows) or an AT case (you have to manually press the power button to turn it off)? If it's the latter (AT) then I don't think there's any reasonable upgrade path, because that motherboard format is obsolete.

If it IS ATX then you can upgrade to any motherboard or processor you like, but you're likely to have problems with the power supply (modern processors draw a LOT more power than your old machine did), and you'll also be limiting your performance by using all the other old components from your old system. I would have to say that it would be easier, probably cheaper, and would result in a faster PC if you just cut your losses and bought a new one.

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I've found some of the specs on you system and here are some of the problems you will have to overcome.

1. Power Supply 95 Watt
2. Micro ATX tower and board
3. SDRam
4. 1pci slot 2isa slot and likely intergated video

My personal recommendation is as follows

Take useable parts hard drive, floppy(maybe), cd-roms
and buy new tower/desktop case, good 350watt powersupply enermax ect., abit, msi, asus motherboard kt333 or 400 chipset, xp1800+ or better chip and a nvidia or ati 64meg video card throw in 256meg min of ddr ram and you are up and running.

However so little is salvageable from you exsisting machine you would likely be better off visiting a local computer shop and having a quality clone built.

If you absoulutly must use the existing hardware

This Micro atx might fit

But your slots may not line up as there are only 3 expansion slots on your current board and 4 on this one

Put a duron or xp chip in some ddr ram a new powersupply and you will have upgraded your computer.

Hope this helps some
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