what does this code say it does?

Posted on 2003-03-25
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Last Modified: 2010-03-05
what is in this code the line $self->error->throw($p) saying it does?  there is no error function in the self itself (that is defined in the package which is the file)... tehre are other subroutines to be sure, but nothing called 'error'; so is it calling the throw member of another class and the class is called error?  

# A shortcut, but we put the caller info in there so every error
# thrown doesn't appear to be coming from this location :)

sub throw {
    my ( $self, $p ) = @_;
    ( $p->{package}, $p->{filename}, $p->{line} ) = caller;
    $p->{action} = $self->{current_context}{action};
   return $self->error->throw( $p );

the error I get running this piece of code is teh following:

Can't locate object method "error" via package "OpenInteract::Request" at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0//OpenInteract/Request.pm line 123.

anybody know what's going on here? I am looking for an interpretation of what the code is supposed to be accessing.  

god bless,
Question by:joesp

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What I read in your code is ;

$p is a an object (blessed ref) of type A

A->error produce an object of type B

then B->throw is called.

If there's no 'error' method in namespace A, there must be one in the base classes of A (what do @ISA contains?)

to know what is A : print ref $self # print $self is a little bit less readable...

Is it normal that A is 'OpenInteract::Request' ?
is error defined somewhere in the 'OpenInteract' (sub)-namespace ?

Is it of any help ? If no could you precise your needs or
ask for other explanations

Expert Comment

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You need the Error package installed(for exception handling).  Simply type the following command to install it.

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Error'


Author Comment

ID: 8472537
I found out that this is a very generic error message.  There is an error package (Error.pm) that comes with the distribution, and nothing with Error was the problem.  When some error happened anywhere else (normally following a faulty installation of something or other) the error was triggered.  thanks for all your help.

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