How to schedule a task for certain period of time

I want to schedule a command to run as a background job on each morning and wanna end it at midnight without using the kill command. Is there any way to use any command which will run for a specified period of time. Say from 9:00 a.m to 23:00 p.m. and then stops automatically because we people can't use the kill command in the server because boss doesn't allow it.
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might it be easier to have your script, or what have you, periodically check the time? That way you could use cron to start the job, and let the script take care of cleaning up after itself

redhat_786Author Commented:
There's nothing in the script but a single command i.e. "tail -f file1 > file2 & " which fetches only the appended data from the file and store it in the file2. It runs as a background job and I want to stop it working at midnight and then start it again on next morning as a new process.
Tail is not a daemon and will exit after it is finished.
So just make a crontab entry like:
*/10 9-23/1 * * * tail -f file1 > file2  
It will be executed every 10 minutes from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Bob Gunzel
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redhat_786Author Commented:
Sir, actually I want to schedule it to run as a background job and if I schedule it to run after ten minutes then it would return only ten last lines even if it has added more than 10 lines in the file which is made by online coming data. So please help me in this cause so that it keeps on running for a specified period of time. Thanks
You can daemonize any program by using daemontools, You can control the execution period with crontab and the svc program that comes with deamontools.
I recommend to use a script with a sleep statement. Otherwise disk-io and cpu usage may serverely hamper other

Bob Gunzel

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