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I want to add a alt text to <a> tag please guide me.

As this is not working

<a alt="some text" href="xyx.asp">click here</a>

i want a tip to display over there when someone moves the mouse over "click here".

Be Fast Please........

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hongjunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this
<a title="some text" href="xyx.asp">click here</a>

You could try this, which will put a message in the status bar when you mouseover the link text.

<A HREF="xyz.asp"  onMouseOver="window.status='Status Bar Message Here'; return true"
onMouseOut="window.status=''">Place link test here></A>
Path_FinderAuthor Commented:
good answer
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hello....sorry...that onmouseover is onlyplacing a statement on the window's status bar. If you want something that looks like a img's alt text, use
<a href="#" title="hello">
it looks much better
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