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Combining two lists of values so I can loop through them as one list

Posted on 2003-03-26
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-24
I have created a form that displays a record set using the cfgrid component.  Right now, users are able to filter the list based on a single condition. For example, they can see all items with a 'Developer' value of 'Bob'. The values for Filterby (Developer) and Filtervalue (Bob) are being sent as URL variables. However, now I'm trying to allow the filter to have multiple conditions. For example, Developer='Bob' AND 'open_closed=Open'. Hence, the value for Filterby would be 'Developer, open_closed' and the value for Filtervalue would be 'Bob, Open'.  How can I combine these two lists into one structure so that I can loop through the values and set each condition in a query that I'm building on the fly based on the url variables?  Thanks in advance for your help...I'll copy the pertinent code below:

This is the URL with the variables:


This is the query I'm trying to build:

<CFQUERY DBTYPE="query" name="TrackerList" cachedwithin="#CreateTimeSpan(0,0,0,-1)#">
FROM <cfif NOT IsDefined("history")>TrackerCache<cfelse>TrackerHistory</cfif>
<cfloop list='FilterList'>
     <CFIF (ParameterExists(Filterby) IS "Yes")>
          <cfif (Filterby IS NOT 'blank') AND (Filterby IS NOT 'Title') AND (Filterby IS NOT 'Manager') AND (Filterby IS NOT 'QA') AND (Filtervalue IS NOT 'isnull')>
               AND #Filterby# = '#filtervalue#'
          <cfelseif Filtervalue IS 'isnull'>          
               AND (#Filterby# IS NULL)
          <cfelseif Filterby IS 'Title'>
               AND #Filterby# LIKE '%#filtervalue#%'
          <cfelseif Filterby IS 'QA'>
               AND Status = 'Ready for Review' AND Reviewer = '#session.userid#'
          <cfelseif (Filterby IS 'manager') AND (session.roleID Contains 'DevManager')>
               AND Status = 'New' AND Product IN (#PreserveSingleQuotes(prodsmanaged)#)
     ORDER BY ItemNumber
Question by:sloap

Accepted Solution

TallerMike earned 500 total points
ID: 8211052
Try something like this instead:


url.filter will return this:


Then you'll want to loop through url.filter like so:

<cfloop list="#url.filter#" index="filterNameValue">
  <cfset filterName = GetToken(filterNameValue,1,"~">
  <cfset filterValue = GetToken(filterNameValue,2,"~">

Author Comment

ID: 8211155
Thanks TallerMike...that was exactly what I was looking for and it worked fabulously...

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