Oracle Specification

I have a client server program using DCOM. I have about 25 clients connected to a 800 MHZ server. The Oracle VErsion is 8i.  My server gets overloaded and the CPU usage comes to 100% during peak hours and the total network gets down.
The Server configuration.

I need the following clarifications

1. Initialization parameters.
2. About Redo & control file locations ( No's specify)
3. does Oracle 8i support Dual Processor ?
4. Is the version has to be upgraded for no of clients (Does Oracle defer with the no of clients)
5. Is there any settings to be made for Multiuser & multithreading ?

I need all clarifications for my above problems.

1. Pentium III - 800 Mhz
2. 356 MB RAM
3. 40 GB HDD
4. OS-Windows 2000 server Advanced.

The client machines are connected by switches.
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I'll come back to point 1.

2. Doesn't seem to be an I/O problem, so this shouldn't matter. As a general rule try to mirror controlfile and redo groups across multiple disks for resilience.

3. Oracle 8i does support multi processor, but doesn't use it out of the box.

4. Version is fine for supporting thousands of clients.

5. Multithreaded server (MTS) wont give you any benefits until you have many hundreds of concurrent users.

If your performance is as bad as you say, then the main problem shouldn't be  too hard to spot. First off, check your OS and network - are you out of memory / paging? Is your network clogged.

Once you can narrow down the cause, someone can offer solutions.



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