Maximum number of connections

I have the following situation:
In a NT4.0 network a computer(station) with W2000 Professional that is used as application server(named Server_ap). But when the number of users exceeds 10, I get an error message. For example, if there are 10 users at a time, and I try to access the Server_ap the system tell me that I try to exceed the maximum number of connections, so the computer is not available.
After this event, even one or more users disconnect from Server_ap I cannot connect to Server_ap because probably somewhere is stored a value that indicate the fact I'm trying to exceed that maximum number of connections.
So only after shutdown & restart the computer put me in the situation to reconnect to Server_ap.
I didn't set a value less than 10 as maximum number of connections. In contrary I've set max.allowed number of connections.
What can I do with this computer because I have 12 users ?
Thanks in advance.
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2000 proffesional is limited to 10 sessions if you need more connections i would suggest you upgrade to 2000 server.
Use it as a door stop (or perhaps turn it into a coffe maker?), wipe out Win2kPro and install Linux/SAMBA (virtually free with no connection limit), wipe out Win2kPro and install Win98 (lose all security), or as dnew2 suggests - upgrade to Win2K Server ($$$).

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Think I'm kidding about the coffee maker?
Upgrade to Win2k Srv, or reconsider your choice :

For example, if your server is just to share some files,

you can find some workarounds : using a FTP server(buildin or freeware addon, and giving the following URL : ftp://user:passwd@server_ap will allow clients to connect to it :)

But it will only be enough for getting / pushing files...
Not working on it directly  ...

All is in your hands,

Tip : to bypass the need to restart the box, you can simply restart the "server" services (from the management mmc)

I reiterate,

They are right.

2000 pro is limited to 10. I have had 400+ on a 2000 server machine, with no problems(just bandwidth related). Only use linux if you know how to lock it down.

If you do use linux, download Security Enhanced linux from the NSA.

Good Luck!

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