To connect two computers using modems which are 250 kms apart

Well i guess the subject itself sums up everything . OS installed at both ends is win98. Both external Dax 56kbps modems.Intel P3 machines are both ends. Actually I want to connect these 2 systems using some program and do the file transfer from one system 2 another at atleast some 3-4 kbps. So plz suggest me a way to transfer files in a reliable way and stable connection. Remember these two systems are not stand alone systems rather on the network on their own with 15 systems at each end. Plz keep this mind when u answer the question. Also when this file transfer is going on, on their individual network should not get disturbed and the systems involved in actual should work with each other as well as systems on their own networks as well. I dont want a temperory solution on this .. rather a permanent one. :) Any help would be gr8tely appreciated.

note : Actually I tried 2 connect the computers using dialup networking by setting up one computer as a server and waiting 4 a call and other I used 2 dial in2 the server .. well fortunately I got connected . but I dint know how 2 transfer files across. I could c a small little icon which said connection was established. And also this was not successful in a long run. I dialed some 10 times and only 2 times it got connected. So success ratio is also bad. So I wanted a better solution for mah problem.
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 If you want to pay for a service such as that:  try
I have no idea...I'm interested to know how to make this work.  I know there is a way to do this if you have Windows XP or various 3rd Party programs

there is a pgm called hyperterminal installed in your accessories->communications .. use that to dial into the computer.. you can transfer your files this way.. network wont be affected because of this because you are using the modem seperately.

in one computer open hyperterminal and set it to wait for incomming call...

in the other using hyperterminal dial the number on which the first computer is listening.. and you are connected.

there are other softwares like hyperterminal check it out.

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skschandraAuthor Commented:
pratap the answer u have given me was tried out by me already some 4 years back with two computers which are say hardly 500 mts away using the telephone line. Hyper terminal in windows98 was one of the worst ways of communication developed by Microsoft itself. It better saying v dont have this option. I wanted a better answer anyways. :)
My comments assume that you are in the continental USA.

What you are really asking for is a way to have a "virtual private network". That means that the two networks are connected to each other through some other mechanism.

I'll admit to never having set one up, but the concept is that you use something like: have an internet connection on each of them, then set up a server which can host the virtual private network, then connect to that server over the internet.

Your needs of reliability, stability, and safety are better served by using the internet instead of phone lines. Even emailing the files would be a better solution than trying to set up a "reliable phone connection".
yes i agree hyperterminal is not that good.

but there are other pgms that will do the job for u.

anyway the upload speed you are going to get is max 4K/S when using dialup... :(

we dont have much choice, do we!?
skschandraAuthor Commented:
Well David iam no where in USA .. and more over i said i dont have an internet connection at all in the remote area and u assumed me to have one .. and if the same existed i dont need 2 post a comment at all here on experts exchange, reason i will always send mails thro mah outlook express client. Anyways i was asking if some1 could tell me i could establish a computer to computer communication thro telephone line which are 200 kms apart for atleast 3kbps transfer speed. Hope u understood the quiery.

Pratap yup i did mention in mah question itself that 3-4 kbps would do a world of good to me as mah text messages are not more than 15 kb itself. So mah purpose is served. Also i wanted 2 know from experts like u that plz suggest me the program as i do as u do know that such programs do exist.:) Hope u understood wat i said here. I can still tel u one more thing here .. i have tried out bitware and also multicomm programs as well but they give out an error called as "no carrier found" . this doesnt make sense to me. bcoz the modem recieves the call and even establishes the connection and then gives the above error. Remember this was tried out as a simulation between two cities so that the same can be carried out for the real situation. :) hope u understood. Anyways thanx 4 the advice.
If I understand you correctly,
all u want to do is transfer some files from one system to another which are 200kilos apart.then why do we need all these stuff which people are talikn?
If that is the case, you can do what I do if, you have IP ADDRESS of the remote sytem.assuming that u do since u already know that it rums win 98 etc....

1.Download REmoteAdministrator from
2.Once you have it install a copy on both the systems.
3.Once installed establish a connection by putting in the ip number.It opens a view of the remote computer
4.browse,right click on the files u want a nd transfer to ur system.Thats it

Well it is, if i did understand u correctly,

Hope it helps.

hmmmmm.......i've got the feeling that skschandra doesn't want to use any part of the Internet to do this ......simply to transfer files between two puters thru the phone system ?
skschandraAuthor Commented:
well pavan .. u would have done a world of good 4 me u know.. the program remote admistrator does everyting but establishing a dialup connection between the 2 computers ... so using a telephone line and a modem it cant be dont .. i.e again thro internet it can be done .. i gues u read mah quiery very well .. since i dont have an internet in the remote area.. and mah first question itself was how 2 establish an internet connection b/n 2 computers which are seperated by 200 miles.. or 250 kms .. plz suggest a software which could do this :)
skschandraAuthor Commented:
one last comment from me.. guys all i wanted 2 do is establish a peer to peer connection between 2 computers using telephone line and modem running win98 OS. Remember these computers are some 200 miles aparts. Plz suggest me a software other than bitware,remote computer, multicomm, napster because these could not solve my problem.Reason is bitware reports an error " no carrier" same as with multi comm software. Remaining are not 4 my purpose at all. Any one knows this plz help me immediately.
Take a look at this perhaps it could be adapted .....or at least it's along the lines of what you need
Lets take it slow. There are a number of layers to the problem. I do not believe that you can get a "peer to peer phone network" from Win 98 which transfers the files without human intervention or a lot of money.

However, you can get the job done via human intervention.

Back in the days of BBS computing, the task was done fairly easily by having a human at each end of the phone line.

Both computers are running a simple communications program such as Procomm which support file transfer protocols.
1. One computer sets the modem to answer the phone.
2. The other computer dials that modem.
3. The person who started the dial starts the upload file transfer protocol (such as x,y,or zmodem).
4. The person who's computer which was dialed starts the file download transfer protocol.
5. The file gets sent.
6. The people can then hangup the phone line

By using humans, the problems of phone line drops and misdials can be handled by the humans. An automatic program would need to have a lot of logic built in.

Now, is that a process which can be used for high volume production? No. Does a high volume process like that exist? Perhaps, but it is not available on the open market to my knowledge. The alternative is to hire someone to write such a program. There are libraries of file transfer protocols which can be used to write such a program.
skschandraAuthor Commented:
R David Just read through all the comments once. I have said that such programs do exits and i there is no need of hiring any such personnel. The software i mentioned was Bitware? hope u heard abt such a program. Well all this is manual. I.e persons should exist at both the ends. But still it doesnt matter 2 me as i dont mind doing this. One more thing i wanted 2 mention was as i said the computers are 250 kms apart. But currently iam carrying a simulation b/n 2 computers which are 600 kms apart. The error iam getting is no carrier found after the connection being established by bitware. So wat i guess is that mabbe for 600 kms i cant establish a connection since anywhere its mentioned abt the distance initially i took it 4 granted. Anyways so i was thinking Bitware is not good enuff so searching 4 other programs in and around. Well here v end up. Iam looking at all the options. Thanx 4 ur advice.
As for drcsy iam looking at ur options the website u have adviced me 2 :) .. looks like it does solve the problem. Need 2 test it .. iam working on it rite now and i will get back 2 u soon :) thanx every1 for helping me around guys :)
skschandraAuthor Commented:
Drcspy well i was thinking u r almost there .. but :( unfortunately u couldnt suggest me the correct one for mah network establishment thro telephone lines given in the link. What i was looking at is not upgrading mah hardware and still going thro the same since i donno whether it will work or not. More over i dont like 2 undergo the testing phase. In all the examples he has shown here @ <-- so here it asks us to connect thro USB modem or some PCI device. So if u can find at the same place plz suggest me the software i can use and test initially and buy later if it works out for modem to modem connectivity thro telephone lines being away by almost 250 kms. Will be happy if u can suggest me the rite1 :)
hmm.......well it's an interesting question and I'll take a little more time to look into it....

Well, I just wrote a nice long post and then IE messed up .. greeeat.

Basically I reckon you could use apache for windows (httpd - see it's a freeware webserver. Set it up with part of your directory tree accessible and then connect with a browser from th other computer. You might want to look into too.

Also, don't see why napster clones are no good, Limewire (as I recall, I don't use it) has an option to specify a peer IP to connect too. You can get your local IP address from 'netstat' in a DOS box (the number thats not

Either way you're just using standard internet technology ... but then perhaps you don't have an ISP yet?



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