Help: Windows 2000 Pro fast shutdown!

hi all, i appreciate if i can get any feedback on this issue, tnx in advance.

I've installed windows 2000 pro. and the machine runs fine, but the biggest and only problem i have is that windows shuts down extremely fast! in less than 2 secs.! that happens like 80% if not more! and every time windows starts it have to scandisk, and i had to format my pc 3 times, and reinstall win coz it gave me some kind of an error about not finding congiuration file, or even my profile; even sometimes it logs me in a temp profile. It doesnt seem as windows save my data when it shuts down that quick, and often i have re-install what ever i had on it. One thing i was looking closely at is the VIA Bus Master PCI IDETOOL, that i have installed; i think it could be that but not sure, can u plz help? by the way, sp3 for windows is installed.

here are my pc's specifications:
mb: DFI AD75 via KT333
ram: 256 133mhz
cpu: amd xp 1800+
hd: maxtor 9 series, 80 gb, ata 133

tnx again
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Have you always had this problem or did it start after installation of the Bus Master tool?  The problem your having is anything resident in memory including the mempry or cache on your harddrive is not being given time to write to disk.  Thus it's being lost.
I had big problems witht he via bus master ide tool and would recomend you uninstall it.

To use the XP default IDE drivers just go to device manager (Right click my computer, hardware, device manager) and delete the via ide master driver.

The default XP IDE drivers should reinstall on a reboot. with all the correct DMA settings ect.

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jamesnAuthor Commented:
tnx 4 the quick reply... no actually i started noticing it after i installed via bus master, i will try to uninstall it now, and come back to u.. tnx again.
jamesnAuthor Commented:
ok, thats what i did,
uninstalled the via IDEtools, rebooted 5 times (as testing) and installed few applications to check if windows is saving my setting .. so far so good, no errors; but still very fast shutdown. i will give it some time b4 closing this subject totally. tnx alot guys.
It is psossible when you uninstalled the software that there where some entries still in the registry.  You could search the registry, but this is risky territory.  You may want to run a utility like RegClean 4.1.
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