How Can I Recognised My Processor?

I've bought another system for my sister which is PII With 440LX supermicro motherboard When i bought this system the vendor told me that this processor is 450Mhz but when i on my system it shows 266Mhz then for confirmation i've installed so many systems programmes for checking my processor speed and they all shows PII 266Mhz my 440LX Motherboard only supports Max Speed 333Mhz processor. I just Want to confirm that, "Is My Processor 450Mhz Or Not" So please tell me how can i check my Processor Original Manufacture Speed.
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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:

Just look at the top of your CPU, there should be a code there printed in white text.

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented: Oops, go there instead, the site prevents direct links to the files.

in addition to dogstar's link's i have a 266 right in front of me...kinda sentimental ive kept it aroung....

anyway the string would read like this prob...

80522px266512 or such
where 80522pxXXX512 where XXX is the proc speed
and 80522px266XXX  where XXX is the onboard cache

also should have a 5 character code

for example mine is sl2hc

intel id code

hope this helps

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Chances are that your Processor is not a 450MHZ as it does not make any sense to use a faster processor on a slower board (333MHZ top). You can identify your CPU with the ID marks on the casing (although I have heard of some ingenious folks packaging slower processors with casings of defective faster processors, so the ID would be misleading).  Best thing to use is the Intel CPU ID utility:

Same link as dogztar gave you, however, at the actual download page.


Or if all else fails you can always use Belarc Advisor (downloadable at  It is a really good program for checking the hardware/software configuration of your whole computer.  It is fast, efficient and accurate.
Hi simple answer... it cant be a 450 because your mother board is LX and you need BX mother board to support 450...but if you are still in doubt open the box on the top of the processor says what speed it is...The other thing is windows 95,98 & sec edition only recognise upto PI 333 in the system info... the speed when the pce first boots...use the pause button on your keyboard.... Cheers
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
It can be a 450, if you plug it into a LX board, it runs at 66MHz FSB instead of 100 (4x66 = 266, 4x100 = 400 obviously) should be showing as 300MHz (4.5x66) may be that the DIP switch settings (or possibly BIOS-based FSB settings, unlikely though on this old of a board) are set incorrectly.  The multiplier should be 4.5, it looks like yours is set to 4.0.  5.0x66 is the fastest the LX can run.


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seems he thinks hes found the speed!

would you care to let us in on it?


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