MAJOR Multi-User problem - please help!


I have a Mac Powerbook G3 Lombard with OS 9.2.1 -- I've bought it USED, don't have the original installation CDs but only the copied ones.

I exploring the multi-users option last night and set it up, but turned off the option before I turned off the computer because I thought it was unnecessary since I'm the only using the computer at the moment. Anyway, when I turned on my computer today, the Log-in screen popped up asking me for my password, so I typed in the password that I just created last night, but it didn't work!!!

Now I can't do anything with my computer since the "NEW USER" has only limited access. I've tried to re-install the OS by running my copied Mac OS 9.2.1 CD-Rom again, but access to installation was denied again because I wasn't logged in as the "OWNER".

Is there a CD that I need to use in order to "BOOT" the computer? Is that the original OS 9.2.1 Installation CD? Before I spent my money on eBay to try and get that, I want to know if that will work first.My copied installation CD (that came with the computer when I've bought it) doesn't run automatically when I turn on the computer -- it only start when I have my desktop open.

Please help. I'll take any suggestions out there that are offered. I will be eternally grateful to you. I'm really depressed right now ... I've paid $1000 for this computer and now I can't use my Internet Explorer, my Instant Messenger, have access any of my previous files that I've created in the last 2 years, and can't install or delete anything! =(

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rcm2525Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Bachylang--If you can boot your computer fom any of those cds by holding down the C key as the machine starts. That will get you to the Finder. Look for the Icon of your hard drive. You will need to go to the system folder, extensions folder and move mult-user startup to the desktop. This will get you back in when you reboot form the hard drive.
bachylangAuthor Commented:
If anyone could solve my problem with this stupid multi-user business, you can have all my points -- >2000, because it was my incentive to join in the first place.
Bachylang---An even better way is to follow all the steps as before to boot the mac for a CD. Now go to the system folder on your hard drive, go to a folder called preferences, move a file to the desk top called "Multi-User Prefs". This will turn off multi-user mode but still allow you to use it again if you wish.
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you need to boot from the installation cd. since the lombard came with mac os 8.6 you're 9.2.1 cds are probably illegal copies - depending on how they've been burnt you may not be able to boot from them.

you'll need to boot from (any) bootable mac operating system (8.x, 9.x X.x) and remove the multiuser extensions and control panels from the harddrive.

then you should be able to reboot from the hard disk without multiuser environment and thus as owner.

bachylangAuthor Commented:
You are great! Thank you so much!

If I could kiss you I would! =)
bachylangAuthor Commented:
I don't know how I could give you the points that I've promised though. =(  The comment from Tomster really helped too.  You guys are great. Now I know where to look next time I need help. Thanks again.
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