some delphiX functions

I need some help on DelphiX. I write a game like stuff, and I don't know some functions' usage. These functions are: DXDraw.D3DRM.CreateWrap(...), DXDraw.Camera.SetOrientation(...), for example. I don't understand any of directions, and ups. Maybe I will need a 3D course, but I don't have much time for it, I just want to know, how to simply use these functions, and how can I set these functions' parameters, of course simply.
Thanks anybody for help!
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As much as i cannot recommend moving into unsupported and old graphics system, here is some instructions with original functions from DirectX.pas:


function SetOrientation(lpRef: IDirect3DRMFrame; rvDx, rvDy, rvDz, rvUx, rvUy, rvUz: TD3DValue): HResult; stdcall;

plRef is Frame that sets the base rotation from which the camera is rotated based on vector and normal-vector.
If you want to look right in front, the values are
0,0,1, 0,1,0


function CreateWrap(wraptype: TD3DRMWrapType; lpRef: IDirect3DRMFrame; ox, oy, oz, dx, dy, dz, ux, uy, uz, ou, ov, su, sv: TD3DValue; out lplpD3DRMWrap: Direct3DRMWrap): HResult; stdcall;


First parameter is one of TD3DRMWrapType values, then comes the frame (not sure what it was for), and then some mysterious x,y,z values and finally set the wrap variable.

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More instructions can be found from DelphiX's own samples, which use these methods mentioned here.
Zed20Author Commented:
Thanks, User137, but in CreateWrap function, what are those mysterious x,y, and z values? Are they Sine or Cosine, etc. values, or what? So, I meant that. But thanks!
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