Clear SMS store in Siemens MC35 mobile module...

Hi All,
Any ideas how to bulk clear SMS store (for instance Read Messages) in Siemens MC35 mobile module without actually listing / reading the messages (AT+CMGL="REC READ") first, getting message index and then deleting one by one (AT+CMGD=<index>)..
 - Pavel
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If you use the right settings with AT+CNMI, then your messages will not stored on the SIM card. Your application will run faster and you most not clear the SMS store on the main SMS classes. Please note that one of four SMS classes will all the time stored on SIM. If somebody spam you in this SMS class then you have to use the standard way of clear of the SMS store on your SIM.

Message class is coded in TP-Data-Coding-Scheme field, defined in GSM 03.40, indicates the data coding scheme of the TP-UD field, and may indicate a message class.
Bit 1 Bit 0 Message class Description
0 0 Class 0 Immediate display (alert)
0 1 Class 1 ME specific
1 0 Class 2 SIM specific
1 1 Class 3 TE specific

The GSM 03.40 you can download at A lot of details on GSM data communication you will found at:


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Hi Pavel,

as far as I know, there's no other way to delete all messages at once. I was looking for that, too, in my current project, but couldn't find anything. So, I'm using a loop through all indexes and delete them with CMGD.


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