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Format HD and Install XP PRO

Hey can Some One help me. Iam Currently runing WIN 98 SE on my celeron 1.7 system. I am wanting to ugrade to XP PRO but I WANT to foramt my HD then install I was woundering if some one could help me by aswering my question. please help by sending back a detailed summary of how to do this. I want to copy all of XP's files to my HD so it doesn't ask for the cd all the time. I am wanting to format my HD through DOS if Possible. Please help me i am desperate. I have been looking for weeks. Please help.
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1 Solution
Boot to the Windows 98 boot disk.

at the prompt

Format c:
Then boot back to the Win98 boot disk and do this

mkdir C:\i386

copy CDDriveLetter:\i386 c:\i386

HOW TO: Start Setup from MS-DOS in Windows XP

Obtaining Windows XP Setup Boot Disks
But you don't even have to go through all that. You can still boot the XP CD and install and after the Install finishes and XP boots you can copy the contents of the 1386 folder over to the hard drive and then change this registry setting

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

to point to where it is on the hard drive
To do what you ask is straight forward.

First off Boot up from the windwos XP CD and watch the screen for the "Press any key to Boot From CD"

Once you have press this key the set up program will run and ask you to press F6 if you want to install any SCSI / Raid Drivers. Press it if you do.

Then when all the files are loaded and you have read and agreed to the EULA you will be asked where to install XP.

Select the HD you want to install onto and continue.

You then then delete the partition and create a new one.

Once this is done select format with the NTFS file system and sit back.

When the format and file copy is compleate the system will reboot.

This time ignor the boot from CD Promt and the final stage of the set process will begin.

Now just follow the onscreen instructions and wait about 30Mins and you are done.
If you don't find that the above advice solves this for you, here is my standard "wipe the disk" instructions.

Download a boot disk from www.bootdisk.com and boot on it
FDISK /mbr
FDISK and remove the partition(s)
recreate the partition(s)
Reboot on the boot disk

FDISK /mbr rewrites the boot sector of your hard drive.  This is good just in case you may have some boot sector corruption due to virus or some other foe.
Removing the partition(s) is option 3 in FDISK I believe.  this guarantees that you will not have any leftovers from the old installation.
Recreating the partitions is option 1.  You should be able to only create one partition and make sure you chose large disk support when you started FDISK if you have a drive larger than 2G.
FORMAT C: formats the drive as you already know.  There is no need to put /s on it since that will be taken care of by the 98 installation.
You create a CABS directory on your hard drive and put the installation files there for faster and easier installation.  It is also quite easier when you need to add hardware or make config changes.
SETUP starts the Win98 installation.

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