Using Text as Hyperlinks in Flash6

Has something changed in Flash 6 regarding Hyperlinks?
I typed out some text, converted it to a button and then added a
getURL command. When the mouse rolled over the button it changed to
a finger icon as it was supposed to; however, when I test the movie or
publish it and then run the swf, the mouse pointer changes to bar icon and
will not navigate to the link.  I can export the text as a gif, reimport it and
change it to a button, then make the url work correctly, but I lose image
quality doing that.  I'm 99% certain that I created hyperlink buttons from
text in Flash5.  Am I missing something here???
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It sounds like your textbox is selectable.  Either disable that option, or make the textbox static text.  Those options are in the properties window when the textfield is selected.


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Mach1proAuthor Commented:
Now that was so simple you made me look stupid.
I didn't even think about that last project I worked on, I was using  Input Text.
I think you may have just left the text as the hit area of the button, instead of making a shape like a square the hit area.

that is a common mistake people have...

If the button does not have text in the hit area, then there is not problem...

i knew faily quickly what the problem was, because it happened to me once too!  =)
I avoid the problem all together by just making the hit area a shape...  but sometimes I forget to delete the text as well  :)

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