Help JSP!!!!

three questions.
First, I want to create graphs from data that is stored in mySQL database and place on JPS pages. Does anyone know of any good site for resources that i could use as guides?

Second, how do you make a text box that is similar to this website and where you enter the question(Question body) using JSP. I tried using the size feature but that didn't work it was just one long text box!

Third, if entering a password into a type box how do i get it so you don't see the letters/numbers and instead get circles or whatever...i'm using JSP?
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<textarea name=txtTest cols=10 rows=10></textarea>


<input type=password name=txtPassword>

For the graphs what u can try doin is use a servlet to create graphs and on the jsp use the <img> and point the src to the servlet and pass the required parameter...

u can just change the servlet parameter and manipulate the graph that u wuld like to generate. and also u have the flexibility to move the servlet anywhere as u please...

i have the code which u can try...


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TSKAuthor Commented: the code or let me know where i might be able to look at it..thanks
Thanx for the "A"

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