find runtime stack usage size (not limit on stack) for a process for a single run

I have a need to determine the memory used by a library for its user stack. The library i  need to find this information about is zlib compression library. I linked this library statically with a small test program. I need to find how much stack growth is there during a single run of the program . Actually as i was going through this problem i ended up confusing myself. So i also would like to know whether the stack for process in unix can also end up being swaappped ?? .. I tried using gprof but it only gave me execution time profile ... are there tools in linux to determine memory usage .. also can the stack growth be monitored ? I would be grateful if i could receive some pointers in this regard.

Thanking you

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edharaAuthor Commented:
Is there a better way of doing this than finding it out by running it through the debugger after studying the call graph all the while doing backtraces ??
you can use:

pmap -l pid

to find out the memory usage details of a process.

man pmap to learn more.

Or use:

/usr/bin/ps -e -o pid,vsz,rss,comm

vsz -- memory consumption (RAM + swap space)
rss -- memory consumption (RAM only)

man ps to learn more details


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edharaAuthor Commented:
Actually after posting the question i was inspired to try this out .. i used ulimit -s to play around with the stack size and found out that for stack sizes less than 8K my program gives a segmentation fault.. so i think 8k is a possible answer to the question ??

Also for the last ps post .. how do i get the pid of the process process only runs for a few seconds .. by the time i run ps .. i cant find the process id .. ?? sorry for this dumb question .. but getting the answer from someone else is a lot better than thinking it out myself;)

edharaAuthor Commented:
hello all ..

 memusage -n exename

gives the entire details about max memory usage .. and mak stack size ..

Thanks for all the responses ... this site rocks ;)


edharaAuthor Commented:
i agree yuzh , you answered my question !! although the solution i need is something different.
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