Linksys LNE100TX NIC Problems

I have Win XP Pro, MSI 6566 845E Max Motherboard, P4 2.0ghz, ATI radeon 9700Pro, SB Live, Linksys LNE100TX V 5.1 NIC, 40 and 60 GB Western digital HD System...

I am trying to upgrade the Network Card driver to the lastest version on Linksys' website, 2.17.  I currently have the 2.10 driver installed from the disk that came with the network card.

Everytime I go an try to update the driver... I get a message, an error occurred while installing your hardware...the name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name.  
What does that mean...a service name or a service display name????  And everytime I uninstall it and reinstall it, it puts on a #2, #3, #4 at the end of the name in the Device manager, for example:

Linksys LNE100TX (v5) Fast Ethernet adapter #2

then i uninstall it, restart and try and install it again and it says

Linksys LNE100TX (v5) Fast Ethernet adapter #3

and so on..

I know I am installing out of the XP folder from the new downloaded driver.  I dont know what else to do.  I even tried a different PCI slot and still the same thing.

I also unistalled it in safe mode and still get the same thing.



P.S.  The reason i want to update the driver is:

1.  Its always good to have the lastest drivers.
2.  I get a blue screen when I use tightVNC and I am convinced that it is the driver to a device.  I upgraded the video card from a ati radeon 9000 to the 9700, so I doubt it is the video driver and this peculiar problem is convincing me it is the NIC driver
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I would start with #2 - change your video driver to standard VGA and try VNC again just to confirm or eliminate the video driver as the cause of the blue screen. I think you may find it to be the problem after all.

After that, try this for the NIC: uninstall it but don't restart. Then go to Add New Hardware in control panel, don't let Windows automatically search for the device - select it from the list and point it to your 2.17 driver.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

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Andrew_schneiderAuthor Commented:
I'll try that thing with the NIC, but how do I change the video card driver so that it is Standard VGA.

What the heck do I do if it still is the video card? I really could use a VNC program but this blue screen is very discouraging.
Andrew_schneiderAuthor Commented:
What does the part that says:

"the name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name"


Where could I find where it is doin this?

Andrew_schneiderAuthor Commented:
here is a post that my friend found and it fixed the problem.....  now how do I get my points back?????=)

I had a problem that was very similar to the one you described.  I had a Linksys
LNE100TX network card installed, and I upgraded from Windows 98 SE to Windows XP Pro.

I began to get the message "Error occurred while installing this device.  The name
is already in use as either a service name or a service display name."  Sometimes when
I would try to delete the device, I would get a message saying it will not let
 me uninstall the card because it is needed to boot the system.  At other times
 I was able to uninstall the card, but the next boot would find and reinstall the
card with the error message.

Linksys technical support was no help.  They ran me through the usual checklist
 for dummies, and when none of that worked, they decided to tell me it was an IRQ
 conflict and to contact the computer manufacturer.

Anyhow, I found the Knowledge Base Article # 265409 at Microsoft that addressed
a similar problem, and it worked.  The MS KB article specifically addresses a
Hewlett Packard printer, but the description and resolution applied to the Linksys

I found a registry entry in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services"
that was identified as LNE100TX.  After I deleted the registry item, I was able
 to go to Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager and uninstall the card.
 When I restarted the PC, it found the correct drivers, installed them, and it is

Does this nic work with xp x64? Cant find drivers. Any pointers?
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