how to set the write permission

hi all,
      i have redhat linux 7.2 installed on my system ,my problem is tht when i login as a user i am unable to write or create folders on the mounted drives , when i checked the permissions the write so permission was not given , so i logged in as root and tried to change the permissions but i was not successful in changing the permissions .
  so plz tell me how should i set the write permission.

     i am sure tht the experts out here can easily help me out.  
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use: chmod
command to change the dir/file permissions.
man chmod
chmod a+rw dir-name
will allow every one has read and write permissions to the dir

to learn more.

use chown
to change the ownnership of file/dir
(must be super user to change the ownership!)
man chown
to learn more.

Looks like you are on a NFS filesytem wrongly configured. PLease go to your server side and check the exports file configuration. I am currently not able to check on my own system, but do a man-read on exports, mount etc..
lokesh_kumarAuthor Commented:
i have used chmod many times to change the permission but it does not work . .
 chmod executes successfully without showing any error but permissions donot change
the filesystem of the drives is vfat and i am not connected to any server , i just have linux installed on a single system and there are 2 accounts on it , one is mine as user and the other is root .
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You can't access the mount because it was mounted with root privileges.  Edit the /etc/fstab file and add an entry like this...

/dev/hda1  /mnt/windoze  vfat   user 0 0

The above will allow a normal user to mount (and access) the FAT32 /dev/hda1 partition.

lokesh_kumarAuthor Commented:
hello chris,
             i agree with wht u said and i tried it before,
 i wrote      /dev/hda1  /mnt/98  vfat   user,rw   0 0

  and after doing this i was able to change the permission for the user account by logging in as root and using chmod but when i tried to login as the user(not as root) and checked the permissions , the write permission was not there which i could not understand .
   and when i try to use chmod as a user(not as root) the command does not execute.

  so now tell me wht to do next.  


I meant to say "users" above, not user.

/dev/hda1   /mnt/98 vfat  users,rw 0 0

Have you tried mounting it as a regular user, not root?  If its already mounted, make sure to unmount it first.


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It may be a dumb suggestion, but is fat under Linux able to collect information on ctime, mtime, atime, uid, gid and or permission vlags. In my perspective that filesysteme technology of our $$ "friends" has no information tags as such.
So my (dumb) response is where on earth should the changed modes be administrated under vfat, as the tags are Not There.
lokesh_kumarAuthor Commented:
hi chris,
           thanx a lot, ur suggestion worked , i unmounted the drive first and then mounted it again and the things went fine.
 now i can create and delete files and directories but one problem is still there , now the files which are already already there in the mounted drive but are not having execute permission , i am unable to give execute permission to them , wht should i do to give execute permission to them.
Let me see the output of "ls -l /mnt/win98" so that I can see exactly what you are talking about.

Try changing the fstab line to 'users,exec', and then umounting/remounting.

lokesh_kumarAuthor Commented:
hi chris,
          i will tell u my exact problem
in the mounted drive /mnt/98 i have a program written in c , when i try to execute the a.out file after compiling the c program it does not execute and says tht u donot have the permission to execute .
 wht could be the reason because now i can read and wite in the drive.
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