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Reverse a list without making a tempList

Is it possible to recursively reverse a list if you can't make a temp list?  All I have access to is a pointer to the list.  I can traverse the list and print it out in reverse but I can't seem to be able to actually store it in reverse order.
Here is how I print the list in reverse order.  Can someone help me with the logic to actually change the data?  Thanks.
void AuxPrintReverse(NodeType* myPtr, int i)
     if(myPtr != NULL)
          AuxPrintReverse(myPtr->next, i+1);
          if( i == 10)
               cout << endl;
          cout << myPtr->info << " ";
1 Solution
If you can print it in reverse you can store it in reverse.

Without making a temporary list though is perhaps not quite true, you make so many recursive calls that the temporary list is stored in the stack frames of all those function instantiations :-)

But yeah, if we ignore that you really store the temporary list in such a way yes.

It is in fact easy to do also, I believe I have done enough hints...

I could show you how to reverse a list in LISP. This is done in exactly the manner which you are seeking but I think that would be too much of a spoiler.

How do you reverse an empty list?

How do you reverse a list with n+1 elements?

you could do something like:

void ReverseLinkedList(NodeType* nodeToReverse, NodeType* reverseTo, int totalNodesToReverse)

if (totalNodesToReverse > 0)    
NodeType* nextNodeToReverse=nodeToReverse->next;
NodeType* reverseNextNodeTo=nodeToReverse;


ReverseLinkedList(nextNodeToReverse, reverseNextNodeTo, totalNodesToReverse);


call it initially like:

ReverseLinkedList(myPtr, NULL, 10);
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
>> If you can print it in reverse you can store it in reverse.

That is the most correct comment posted on this page yet and I don't understand why you need to reverse it if you can actually access it in reverse order anyway.

However, assuming that you need to do so, here is a non-recursive implementation:

// assuming 'start' points to the first node

NodeType p, q, r ;
p = start ;
q = p -> next ;

while ( q != NULL )
  r = q -> next ;
  q -> next = p ;
  p = q ;
  q = r ;

} // end while

start = p ;

Hope that helps!


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