Memory error ?

I'm running Windows 3.1 on an old 166 and when i go into windows i get this error message :progman caused stack fault in module krnl386.exe error when loading Windows. Any ideas guys...

Many thanks

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this may be down to a printer problem,
It seems that most kernel errors have to do with the printer trying to talk to the application that sent the data. This has to do with bi-directional printing. RPM does not support bi-directional printing at this time, so you should disable it. To do this:

In the Windows "Printers", right-click on the printer and choose "Properties" from the drop-down menu.
In the "Details" tab, uncheck "Enable bi-directional printing"
If the problem is not resolved, try using a different print driver. Windows "box" driver have been known to support a wider variety of applications.
or This error can occur if your computer has damaged or incorrectly configured hardware, a virus or damaged or missing system files.

To attempt to fix this problem, perform the following steps in order, testing after each step to determine if it is fixed, and if it is not, continue to the next step:

1. Try to start your computer in Safe Mode. To do so, restart your computer, press and hold CTRL, and then choose Safe Mode from the Startup Menu.

NOTE: If you can not start your computer in Safe mode, skip to step 7.

2. View Device Manager to look for driver conflicts.

3. Determine if your computer has an interrupt request (IRQ) Steering conflict. To do so, disable IRQ steering, and then test to determine if the issue is resolved.

NOTE: If this does not resolve the issue, re-enable IRQ steering.

4. Restart your computer. If your computer starts without error messages, your computer's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) may be generating incorrect information about hardware IRQ settings. To resolve this issue, contact the manufacturer of your computer's motherboard to inquire about the availability of a fix for this issue. If your computer starts with error messages, continue to step 5.

5. Determine if your computer has a Bus Mastering problem. To do so, use the following steps:

a. In Device Manager, double-click the Hard Disk Controllers branch to expand it, and see if you have a Bus Mastering controller installed. If you have a Bus Mastering controller installed, continue to step b.

b. Click your Bus Mastering controller, and then click Properties. Click the Driver tab, click Update Driver, follow the instructions on the screen until you are prompted to chose either "Search for a better driver...", or "Display a list of all the drivers...", and then choose "Display a list of all the drivers...".

c. Click Next. Replace your Bus Mastering controller with a Standard IDE Controller. To do so, if a Standard IDE Controller is available on the list of compatible hardware, click it, and then click Next. Note that you can use any of the Standard IDE devices on the list of compatible hardware in place of your Bus Mastering controller. If a Standard IDE Controller is not available on the list of compatible hardware, contact the manufacturer of your computer for further assistance.

6. If steps 3-5 help to determine that IRQ Steering or Bus Mastering is the cause of this issue, contact the manufacturer of your computer to inquire about the availability of a BIOS update or fix that provides full support for IRQ steering or Bus Mastering. If steps 3-5 do not help to determine that IRQ Steering or Bus Mastering is the cause of this issue, continue to step 7.

7. Your problem could be related to a computer virus or damaged system files: Scan for virus, or reinstall 98.

Huseyin1 has some good advice but I think that he missed the fact that you are useing WIN 3.1

Here is a link for a free os independent memory checker. 
Download memtest86 to the harddrive. then double click on it. It will ask for a 1.44 floppy and create a self booting disk that you can use to test your ram. Run all tests not just the basic.

Download the software and the installation program automatically creates a self-booting diagnostic diskette. Simply insert this diskette into the floppy and reboot your PC to begin testing your system memory.


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try getting your hands on eather a win95 or win98 disk and see if you have problems with that it might just be a win 3.1 issue
motherboardAuthor Commented:

Sorry guys for the very later reply

I've been away for a while and have not had access to a PC to answer your answers, many thanks Snowguy for you input, it was very helpful even though by the time i got back the issue was still not sorted by the other users...:->

I found the memtest a good tool to have in your tool box...

Many thanks Snowguy your a Champion

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