Win 2000 crash/reset during installation

I am attempting to install Windows 2000 Pro on an embedded system. The installation gets part way through - I enter the Product Key then it goes part way though an installation process (including things like IIS), before the "percentage bar" gets to the end, the maching re-boots and the whole installation process begins again. This happens every time I try!
Has anyone any ideas?
Many thanks,
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Is your BIOS set to allow you to boot to both CD-rom and Hard drive?  It sounds like it's just rebooting to the CDrom each time.  What you want is to initially boot from the CD-rom, start the install and then let it do everything else from the hard drive.
Windows 2000 will restart the installation process after every failure so to keep it from corrupting itself durring the install.  As was a problem with all previous windows OSs.

Go into your BIOS and Load Setup Defaults.  Set the PNP OS to  YES.  Also disable any BIOS shadowing or cacheing.  Also you may want to set your memory timings to something conservative like CAS3.

If that doesn't work then I think your problem may be hardware related.  See if you can dl a burn-in / hardware diagnosis tool.  You should be able to find one that is self booting from a floppy.  I would look very closely at the CPU and RAM.  These are the 2 most common problems with crashes at install.  The other problem could be your power supply.  If you have a spare try changing that out.

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Hi Julian_Floyd.

After a successful installation, Windows will restart itself. During this time, you have to take out the installation cd-rom so it will boot back into your harddisk instead of going back to Win 2000 setup screen.

If this doesn't work, go in BIOS and set first bootup device to your harddisk.

Have you tried cleaning the Win 2000 disc? Maybe its dirty. =P
boyrage....did you read my post?
Julian_FloydAuthor Commented:
I am now reasonable sure that it is a hardware problem.....
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Windows 2000

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