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What DLL's do I need?

OK, I have made a small exe file and am trying to use it on computers other than my development box.  I am receiving several run-time errors.  Most of them seem to be missing DLL's.  I am finding the DLL's I need one at a time right now and this is a vary tedious (and frustrating) process to say the least.  Is there some way to find out what DLL's I need to make sure I have included in some sort of installer program (that is my next task, to get an installer!)???

Also, to this point I have been able to install the DLL's manually as I run into them, to a point.  However, When I try to run the VB5DB.DLL (using the regsvr32 command) I get the following error:

C:\WINNT\system\VB5DB.DLL was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. DllRegisterServer may not be exported, or a corrupt version of C:\WINNT\system\VB5DB.DLL may be in memory.  Consider using PView to detect and remove it.

I am using:
VB 6.0
Developing on Windows XP Pro
Using the application on Windows 2000 Pro
DAO controls with an Access 97 database file
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Hi Graverober,

You need to package your application with the package and deployment wizard (this is an add-in you can select from the add-in manager in VB). Then you will get an installation package made up of a .Cab file, setup.exe and setup.lst that you can distribute and install on your target systems. This process includes all the necessary dlls and a process to install and register any that are required.


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The package and deployment wizard may be a bad choice - it has known issues under current versions of the Windows OS.

Microsoft provides a tool called depends.exe that you can use to view the dependencies of a program.  Unfortunately, it may not work so well when run directly on a VB EXE.  Instead, distribute every OCX and DLL you are referencing from VB, and run depends.exe on those OCX and DLL files to find more dependencies.

Some editions of VB include the Visual Studio Installer - you may want to try this.
GraveroberAuthor Commented:
Outstanding!  Thank you!!

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