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transfering files through phone line from linux redhat 6.2 to another linux redhat 6.2 using minicom

I have purchased software that allows me to dial up from my linux redhat 6.2 machine to a friends linux redhat 6.2 machine and transfer files as well as login. I want to quit using the software that costs $350 and start using minicom which is a free communications package distributed with redhat 6.2 MINICOM. I can use MINICOM from both machines to login to the other but cannot transfer files using x, y , z, or kermit through the minicom send or receive features . I must be missing somthing in my minicom config. If there is another free software package that will let me do this I really need to know about it. Thank you, everyone for all the help.
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2 Solutions
minicom works best.
make sure you se same settings at both ends
they are
modem speed
data bit
stop bit
transfer protocol

typical settings are 19200, 8,1,N

use zmodem with crash recovery. u can resume broken transfers
dial from one machine and then u'll connect to other...after that you can verify connection by typing something...that should be visible at other end...
then type the message to ask the ohter end to listen and you initiate transfer...

use higher speeds step by step...and watch the thruput...
have you considered setting up a ppp link and then using ftp/tftp/http/smb/rsync/scp/nfs for file transfer and ssh for login?
oh yes, thats also a nice way to get connected... you get a transparent application support for file transfer.
you can also enable dial on demand and other such features...
there's a howto document for PPP in the /usr/share/doc/HOWTO folder.
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