Understanding Application Server --- WebLogic, WebSphere, 9iAS, OC4J and others

Hi All,

Would appreciate reply on this please.

I am new to Application Servers and all I know is there are couple of Application Servers available right now and most famous among those are WebLogic, WebSphere, 9iAS. As I understand, application servers are needed and used for J2EE architecture involving developing and deploying EJB components.

What I want to understand is..
1). While there are so many app servers available, How does a company's architect decide which one of to chose? whats the use of WebSphere over WebLogic or vice versa? How should I decide which One should I be using?

2). which app servers are available in the market other than I mentioned? Do we need App Server as I understood for developing and deploying EJB components only? or is there any other purpose of app servers?

would appreciate help plz

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mglxxxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Criteria I'd use for deciding on an application server:
-- J2EE features and level of implementation
-- scalability and fault tolerance
-- performance
-- license costs
-- maintenance cost: can I afford to use a free implementation and do the maintenance in my organization,
in the (unlikely) event that I cannot find any support in
the open source community
-- ease of administration
-- level of expertise in my organisation

2) This is a rather comprehensive overview over the
application servers available on the market: http://www.theserverside.com/reviews/matrix.jsp

In order to use EJBs you need an EJB container, i.e. an
application server which implements at least the EJB part
of the J2EE specification.
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