CDs in CD-ROM Drive get very hot, very fast

Hi friends,
I have a Samsung CD-ROM SC-152L drive which can read at 52x speed.
I have bought the drive along with the computer hardly 6 months ago. So, it is not very old either. Lately, I have noticed that the CDs I use in the drive get VERY hot when they have been hardly inside for a minute or less. Of course, it happens only when I access the CD after keeping it in the drive,but, the CDs get hot within a minute or so itself!
It happens to ALL and ANY CD I keep in the CD and run.
The CDs DO NOT get hot when I read them in some OTHER CD drives elsewhere. So, the problem is NOT with the CDs.
In the beginning,this problem was not so severe, but lately it has become very bad.
Also, I notice minute scratches when I run the CDs for prolonged periods of time.
If friction may be the cause for the heating, how to confirm or rule out the cause? Also, How to rectify it?
Can anyone please help?
BTW, please don't advise me to take it to the dealer as I have tried it already and the dealer seems to be evasive as the computer is still covered under the one year guarantee.
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The CD should not be getting that hot for sure.  Especially if you notice that the CD's are becoming scratched.  I dont really understand the reason for finding out what is causing it.  It is covered under warantee.  Bring it back to the dealer (I know you did not want to hear this) and demand a new drive.  Tell the dealer that it is ruining your CD's.  Replicate the problem in front of the dealer and there should be no reason not to replace the drive.  

Another cause might be system overheating however.  Is there adequate air flow inside the computer?  does other parts of the computer feel hot to the touch?  Is an exhaust fan installed?  With the speedier computers today an exhaust fan is almost completely necessary in order to cool the inside of the machine.

maybe take the system into the dealer and ask him for one of his cd's to "TEST" system...?

could it be a fan is blowing hot air over the drives?
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Thuth be told in a 52X drive things are going to get warm at that speed. Chances are you are not even spinning up to that speed considering it takes a lot of buffering to transfer data at that rate and most of the time your system is not using that speed ( i.e. windows only uses like 4x). However it should not get to hot and definetly not in that short a period of time.

As a technician I rarely would put forth the effort to fix a CD-Rom. They burn out or get to dusty or the tray breaks. You don't replace the broken part you replace the whole drive and then RMA the drive to the provider.  That's the bottom line. There are only a few things you can do in windows to alter the performance of the drive and very few tech know how to do it even so all you can really do is alter the default drive speed and allocate the correct disk space to do so.

 Look at it from this perspective. A CD-ROM should read the disk not eat the disk. So if you disks are getting scratched I would say that the drive is not functioning properly that is unless the box says "Samsung 52x, Now with deeper scratches and abrasions!", which it probably does not. So take you scratched disk in with you to the store you got it from and say Excuse me Where does it say that the drive should scratch up my disk after prolonged use? When they don't respond you say no seriously I want a drive that works properly. If they still hassle you about itthen you drop the following terms. Better Business Bureau and State Attorney Gerneral's office. If no go then do report them or there's small claims court.
But other than that there is not really anything you can do if you have a bad drive. Besides if you open it up you'll void the warranty on a drive.
i had the same problem actually burned a cd and had to get it cleaned i got nerodrive (limits cd drive speed) from 52 to 24x most programs dont need 52x and my cds dont get hot at all anymore
The plastic parts inside the CDROM drive may have got misaligned due to hot air in the system. This may cause the CD to spin erratically and even "crash" into the tray causing scratches, and in turn more friction. Eventually, it will be beyond repair. Ask your dealer for an immediate replacement. After all, thats what a warrantee is for!

This is generally the case with assembled systems. Your drive may be fastened to the cabinet using only two screws instead of four. At 52x, your drive spins at a max speed of 7800rpm. If the CDROM drive is even slightly loose, it could mean disaster.

My advice => Get a replacement.

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If you're trying to burn a CD try reducing the writing speed at 4x or 8x this would help !

Yours could be a buffering problem too ... check if the CD-Writer & the Hard Disk are connected on the same IDE cable .. if yes try swapping it (make HDD the primary master & the CD-Writer secondary master)

Praveen811Author Commented:
Thank you very much all of you for your valuable help and the effort you all put in to help.
It finally turned out that the drive was held only by two screws, as told by abdriver2000.
Thank you all of you once again.
If not more points, then atleast a higher grade ;)
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