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I have done a TON of programming in HTML/ASP/SQL/PHP.  I would really like to now learn to make Flash websites.  Can anyone recommend a good book or online tutorial for FlashMX web development?  

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if u have never use flash before a good book to start with
Macromedia Flash MX:
Visual Quick Start Guide
it gives u some basic concept of movieclips, symbols and timeline etc ...

this will show u more programming stuffs
Macromedia Flash MX:
Visual QuickPro Guide

and u will be able to find many source fla and see what ppl are doing from many websites ...
see the follow Q will give u an idea

if u have done so much with programming action script is hard compare to advance PHP and ASP, but the syntax and functions are more like javascript ...


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Best advice I can give is to start by just playing around. First get to know www.flashkit.com - go to the movies section, start downloading FLA files and see how other people construct movies.

You could start with a flash 4 dummies book to learn the basics, but really I have found the most learning comes from seeing what other people do.

The lsit of LEARN FIRST items...
What is a movieclip and how do you use it
How to target movieclips
How to set variables
How to do if statements
How to make buttons
And the endless world of actionscripting

If you personally know someone that uses flash - do some one on one training. It makes a big difference.
I would recommend most Friends of Ed books out right now...  they not only give you good example and tutorial, but some of them have great color that helps to keep you reading...

I would pick up one of these books:

since you are probably used to the "Thick Book", you will like this one...

this one is a little dated, but give you great ideas and is very inspiring...

here is the updated version of the above book...


hope these help

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darkmagnetoAuthor Commented:
HenryWWW I will accept your answer because you were the first and I have gotten some good info from that link you sent me to.

WOW ... thanks :)
do I get some points too, because I was part of the postings in Henry's link above :)

Hey Henry,

This may be an inappropriate place to post this, but I don't know of another way to contact you - you answered one of my questions recently.

My contat info is on my website www.mixart.com - I just wanted to chat some time - you look like a good resource to get to know ;)

- Mick
ok ... gotcha
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