Load OLE Bitmap From access Databse into a VB6 application

Ok, I'm using a ADOdc object on my form to link to a access database, I in one of my tables there is a field that contains a OLE Bitmap. How can i link it to an picture/image object on my form?
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Ok in VB The OLE control can display such a field but can not be bound to the ADO control, instead the OLE control must be bound to the intrinsic Data control. Basically put a Data control your form and set its DataBaseName property to the name of your database and its RecordSource property to the table with the pictures. Then put an OLE object on your form and set its DataSource property to the name of your Data Control and its dataField property to the name of the table with the picture. Then write some code to synchronize your Data control to your ADO control. Hope this helps.    

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MICSAuthor Commented:
I had thought about that, But i find it to messy.

If i was to take the ado object using the following code, it woudl return the bitmap image. Is there anyway to then use what it returns (a bitmap file) and assign it to a picturebox, imagebox, or draw command?

MICSAuthor Commented:
What is the differenec between the 'Data' object in VB and the 'ADOdc' object???
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