out of stack space?

I am getting an out of stack error, I have abour 200 countrols on this on form, and about 300 variables, some of the control are user controls that have control within them. Can the stack not handle that or is there possibly something else wrong?
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Brendt HessSenior DBACommented:
Usually, an out of stack space error is uncontrolled recursion, or a Circular call.  For example, you have Usercontrol A.  During its initialization routine, it calls Subroutine B, which initializes UserControl B, which calls Subroutine A, which initializes UserControl A, which calls subroutine B, which... well, you get the idea.

A recursive or circular reference will eat up stack space pronto.  How soon are you getting the out of stack space, and under what circumstances (on load of project, on load of compiled app, or what?)

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sk33v3Author Commented:
well its not on the loading of a form but when i try to reference a variable from within one of my usercontrols. the source code has 1 line which just retreives the value from a flexgrid.
this line probably gets executed over and over again.  I have had situations like that.  What procedure is it in?
sk33v3Author Commented:
ok Found it bhess was right it was a recursion type issue. i raised an event eveytime I left a certain cell. well the problem is that leaving the caused another leavecell event. so I basically had a never ending loop. Thanks Bhess
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