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How does (ICS) Internet Connection Sharing work?

I was just wondering what happens when Internet Connection Sharing is enabled on Windows 2000 Server.
I am just curious as to how it works...
How are the packets routed to the pcs that requested them?
How is this dfferent from the other methods available for sharing an internet connection, i.e. dhcp, etc?

ANyone know any site with good explanations..

Any help?

1 Solution
"Win2k Server does not support ICS"

Win2k Server will share a connection and the term "Internet Connection Sharing" is just the name of the idiot-proof wizard for Win98/ME/XP's scheme for simplistically sharing the connection.  Behind the scenes whatever the version of Windows, the mechanics are the same.  2k Server has additional features that can be used, but its most basic form of connection sharing is pretty much identical.
ICS is a NAT based routing application, designed to share an Internet connection among multiple computers connected via a LAN. (ICS is based on Nevod's NAT1000, which was purchased by Microsoft in 1999.)  ICS can handle both dial-up and broadband based Internet connections.

NOTE: ICS may not work with "unbundled" one-way cable modems or other "telco return" network devices.  See this Microsoft Article for more information.  You might have better luck using Sygate or Ositis' WinProxy (uninstall ICS first!)

Have a satellite broadband connection? See this page for instructions on setting up ICS for a DirecPC connection.

ICS can handle networks with clients (the computers on the LAN that share the Internet connection via ICS) running any operating system (OS), as long as the OS supports the TCP/IP protocol (which all do).  The clients can have their TCP/IP information assigned manually, or they can run as DHCP clients, obtaining their TCP/IP settings from ICS' built-in DHCP server (see this page for more info on DHCP).

(Though as they said It Is Not Supported In W2K)
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agree with magarity...I should have elaborated in that 2k SERVER does it, just very differently, and it's not called ICS, it's RRAS and NAT..
mrjoekingAuthor Commented:
Ok, in Windows 2000 Server you can view the properties of a network connection and find it has a "Sharing" tab, on that tab there is a checkbox to "Enable Internet Connection Sharing for this connection"
This is what I am talking about.
I would like to know what it does exacly (how it affects IP addresses, routes traffic)
And how this compares with the option in Routing and Remote Access....

Thanks anyone who can help...
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