Server Migration w/Active Directory -- Domain Concerns....

I am preparing to migrate NT 4.0 servers to Win2K Adv. Server.  I wish to take advantage of Active Directory.
All clients are already Win2K.  I have a PDC and BDC.  ***I have purchased a new server to start fresh ( that is, I am not merely upgrading ). ***

Is it better ( not necessarily easier, but technically correct ) to start a new trusted domain, migrate
everything over, and sunset the old domain, or set the new DC up as part of my current domain?????

Please, no guesses -- only the experienced need answer !!!

Thanks for your help !!!
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MikeKaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I just completed an NT to 2k AD upgrade.  

First, make sure you get a good inventory of your servers ensuring that all capable of running 2k.  

So you have 3 servers:
1 NT PDC server 1
1 NT BDC server 2
1 New server no OS.  server 3

Assuming you've done your pre-install homework on DNS, WINS, DHCP, etc... , I would suggest this.
Build server 3 as NT BDC and get it stable.

Promote server 3 to PDC of your existing domain.

Get the server 2 BDC synchronized and take it off line.  This is a safety net incase something goes wrong.  You can always bring it back onlne and promote to PDC to get your domain back.  

Your new server is now the PDC of the domain, server 1 is demoted to BDC and server 2 is safely offline.

Go ahead and UPGRADE server 3 to 2K.  

Once complete, load any services you need.  TEST the server.  Once you are comfortable with the results (I took 5 days) You can bring the BDC back online and test again. Upgrade the BDC and your set.  

Microsoft Technet has extensive articles covering upgrade with much more detail.  I suggest you use that as a resource.  

Luke223Author Commented:
In short, keep the existing domain rather than start a new one.  I agree -- I think starting a new domain is a bad idea ( unfortunately I must convince my counterpart ).  
Thanks, MikeKane.  

Unless someone can come up with a good reason to start a new domain, I think I'll proceed under the old one.  Any takers??
If you start a new domain, you will have to manage making all the clients members of the new domain (not fun).   I looked at this too and decided against it since the migration path is very easy as long as you take the right precautions ahead of time.
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