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looking for a good java compiler/ide for windows

hi, i'm looking for a good java compiler/ide for windows. Until now i used bluej (bluej.org). It has some nice feature but it's writen in java and it has a very slow GUI.

So i'm looking for a non-java or very fast IDE with synthax highlighting and code completion. And maybe something like a javaguimaker or so for easier gui making.

Does anybody know a good one? The best would be freeware.
1 Solution
Jbuilder Personal edition : http://www.borland.com/jbuilder
Netbeans : http://www.netbeans.org
SunONE Community edition : http://forte.sun.com/ffj/downloads.html
All three have a gui builder, and all three are free...

Netbeans is opensource, JBuilder and SunONE are the free versions (full Enterprise versions cost around £4000, unless you are a student or work for a charity)
You might want to try Eclipse


It's free and faster than Sun ONE.
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an they are all Java based IDEs (made in Java)
http://www.omnicore.com yet another java IDE with the most sophisticated features. :P
>>So i'm looking for a non-java or very fast IDE with synthax highlighting and code completion.

The best...
The fastest...
syntax hihglighting and code completion IDE tool ever made is Visual Java++ from Microsoft (This is true not only for Java, but for all its editors!).
What we get and what we loose?
First at all, all of the gues above would tell:

Yeaaa.... Microsoft... he,he,he they support Java up to 1.1.8.
In order to use whatever version of Java SDK you want, you should add the <<rt.jar>> into the yours project classpath. After that you have the fastest compiler, syntax highlighting and code completion!

But, you can't work with Swing GUI editor!

The choice is yours!
Javabased GUIs don't need to be slow...
JBuilder is actually quite fast even on my old P2-400 (having heaps of RAM might help).
Netbeans on the other hand was very slow on the same machine, so go figure.

The fastest editor (going from screen redrawing and CPU/RAM use) in a Windows environment is still Notepad.
For Unix that would be either VI or Emacs.
Used with a commandline compiler you're looking at performance no graphical environment can hope to match.

VI and Emacs can do syntax highlighting for you too.
I recommend and use JBuilder but remember when you use gui builders you get more code that is usually harder to read than coding by hand, but the trade off its faster to do(usually). Example at least in JBuilder coding a button you can code a basic button in 1-2 lines gui builder it uses 3+.
KnightyAuthor Commented:
thx for your replys

netbeans is nice and has a good gui builder, a little slow maybe.

jbuilder is very good but unfortunately it is not possible to use the guibuilder in the personal edition.

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