Two nodes on peer network can't be seen/or see the rest of the network. One of these also has no internet connection (DSL).

On our network of 5 PC's, 1 laptop (5 are Win 98, laptop has WinXP), I have two PCs that are not visible to the rest of the network. When you click on Network Neighborhood, on machine 7, it sees only itself.  On machine 3 it doesn't see anyone.  Machine 3 can get on the internet, but machine 7 cannot. PC's 4, 6 and 7 use Ethernet adapter 0, 1, 2 respectively, and are connected to a 10/100 Ethernet switch, which connects to the router.  3, 5 and laptop connect through the wall to the router.  I'm wondering why we periodically lose our internet connection/network connection on different machines, and how to get it back again.  The network protocal is TCP/IP. Internet connection is DSL.
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Possibility of IP address conflicts and on the 98 machines, try deleting the tcpip protocol, rebooting and then reinstalling.

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make sure you have enough ip-s. the router is probably doing NAT so make sure you've given a big enough range for the ips. that's if you're using DHCP.

if the conflicts are of ip addresses and continue you may want to disable DHCP alltogether and assign ipaddresses to the computer manually. for the desktops that doesnt really matter. it may only be a little unconvinient if you're hooking up your laptop on another network through the same adapter.

as for the computers not seeing each other - make sure that they have file and print sharing enabled and that they are all in the same workgroup.
you may try \\ipaddress to check if they are accessible at all or it's just the network neighbourhood.
in general - if you can ping each machine from each other - than it's a problem with windows networking - 98 sucks at that.
You said machine 3 can get onto the internet but not see any other computer, this shows that the IP details for that machine (3) is ok, but the problem mey lie in log-on. is the user name and password excepted?
try installing netbeui
pk805Author Commented:
IPs are assigned by the router, to prevent conflicts. No led lights are on on the switch for 2 computers.  I'm thinking it may be old NICs
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