Setfocus in using

I am coding a registeration form in using
i am checking the password and confirm password with compare validator.
after having checked the validity and if it does not match ,how do i set the
focus again to confirm password textbox control.
is there any builtin method for setfocus or i have to write acode.
thanks in advance
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Add a setfocus class to your project ( sample)

    Public Class SetFocus
        Public Shared Sub set_focus(ByRef p_page As System.Web.UI.Page, ByVal p_control As System.Web.UI.Control)
            Dim w_str As String
            If Not (p_control Is Nothing) Then
                w_str = "<script language=JavaScript>document.forms(0).elements['" & p_control.ClientID().ToString() & "'].focus();</script>"
                p_page.Controls.Add(New System.Web.UI.LiteralControl(w_str))
            End If
        End Sub
    End Class

then inside your validation procedure do something like:

          Dim comparer As CompareValidator = CType(item.FindControl("CompareValidator"), CompareValidator)


            ' Check for validation, if all valid, update the object to data entered and save it.
            If comparer.IsValid Then
'Do some stuff
    Dim SetFocus As New YourNameSpace.SetFocus()
SetFocus.set_focus(Me, txtbox)

Now you have a setfocus class that you can easily add and use in any project.
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rendlert07's answer is incorrect for an application.  .setfocus on works for winforms.

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