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DELL Laptop - Touchpad not working

I have DELL Latitude C600 model laptop. Recently, the touchpad stopped working. The problem is:

I can use it for navigation but no response on tapping in the touchpad. The leftclick button next to the touchpad does not work, but the rightclick button works fine.

Also, the purple button navigation in the center of the keyboard does not work either.

Any suggestions..

1 Solution
Couple of things you might want to check.

Go into the Bios and confirm that the PS2 mouse port is disabled. If this is enabled and you are using a keyboard in the PS2 port it can cause problems.

(Assuming of course you have a PS2 port!)

If you do have a PS2 port and it is disabled in the Bios, enable it and stick in a PS2 mouse.

Does this work okay?

If it does it may be that your touchpad is duff...

Have you upgraded / added any software/hardware recently?

It sounds like you may have a problem similar to what I had.  I had three vertical rows of keys that would not work unless repetitively banged on.  It was under warranty and the Dell tech came out and replaced the keyboard for me.  Problem solved.
It is unusual that it works for navigation but not clicking.  Have you tried updating the drivers from the Dell website?
Unfortunately, this could be a cable/connector problem. The connection between touchpad and MB is often a "ribbon" of copper traces on a plastic substrate, ending in a kind of "edge" connector. This connector is pushed into a slot on the MB. Re-seating this connection may help. I have had similar problems when one or two of the traces lost contact. Reseating helped. If you're not into laptop surgery you may want to ask a shop to check this.


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Yep.  The working room in a laptop is quite small.  You may have to remove five or more connectors to get to the problem.  Then you have to make sure you get everything back in the proper order.
I just played around with an old 386 laptop with a bad hard drive.  I didn't get all of the cables back on right and now it has no video.  It wasn't worth spending much time on anyway.
Most competant people can swap out parts in a desktop, Laptops are a totally different ball game.

Unless you have working knowledge of laptops and how they are contructed I wouldn't advise anyone to start pulling one to bits.

No two laptops are the same either unlike most "grey" PC boxes, all are vendor specific with hidden screws and cables.

I have seen more costly damage done by people trying to repair them than the original fault would of cost in the first place.

If (and only if) your happy to open up a laptop then have a go, but just remember that one replacement part (i.e the screen) can cost more than the laptop is worth second hand.

Just a warning.... All the best.
if you connect a mouse to the laptop, does it work?

your touchpad settings could have changed or the driver for them could have become corrupted.


in option 1 choose: input device drivers
option 2 select your operating system
then click the "go" button

you will be looking for a symantec touchpad.
The file is an executable and will walk you through an update for your system when downloaded
Also, on the Dell C-600 there are settings in the control panel that manage how your touchpad interacts with the PC.  It is possible to turn off the option that says "tap to click" or some such.  However, if your left touchpad buttons are also not working, I would expect that your touchpad has probably crapped out on you, and I'd call Dell (if it's still under warranty) and have them work with you to troubleshoot the issue - that way, if it's gone south they can get a tech out (assuming you have onsite service) and replace it.

ramsdeskAuthor Commented:
Actually nothing worked. So I had to replace the touchpad from DELL.

Thanks for all your comments.

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