How to print 20cpi in dot matrix printers

We very well know chr(15)+text will print 15 cpi in dot matrix printers. But how to print 20 cpi ? What is the escape seq, to be sent. Iam using foxpro for dos and I need a tip to print the 20 cpi in dotmatrix printers.
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CarlWarnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
At least for Epsons, it seems that you first must change from the default character width of 10cpi to 12cpi through a CHR(27)+CHR(77) string.  Then you turn on the condensed mode via a CHR(15) to further force the new 12cpi into a 20cpi mode.
What kind of dot matrix printer?
Assuming it's an Epson or works in Epson emulation mode:

Some commonly used escape codes include (in decimal values)
- Reset (27, 64); Set page length in lines (27, 67, n - where n is a number from 1 to 127); Carriage return (13); Line feed (10); Form feed (12); Select 1/8-inch line spacing (27, 48); 10 cpi (27, 80); 12 cpi (27, 77); Select bold font (27, 69); Cancel bold font (27, 70); Select italic font (27, 52); Cancel italic font (27, 53); Turn underline on/off (27, 45, n - where n equals 49=ON or 48=OFF); Select condensed print (15); Cancel condensed print (18). For more escape codes, please refer to the Command Summary of your User's Manual. If you need to use advanced escape codes for programming purposes, you can purchase an ESC/P Reference Manual from The EPSON Store.
fox-raviAuthor Commented:
Yes.. But is there any single escape sequance to convert to direct 20 cpi.


No, there is not a single sequence in this case.

It's just the way they do it.
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