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total lotus newbie - can i submit content to a notes server from an .html or .asp?

Posted on 2003-03-27
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
First a little background: i've agreed to try to help a client that I do ASP consultation for with a small Lotus Notes problem for them, problem is, i dont know much about lotus notes :)  So any pointers you give would be greatly helpful.  

Heres the deal:

my client is moving a lotus note based system to a internal web site.  they aparently need have a subscribe button on the website to match the one on notes site, which i believe sends a message notes mailing list to subscribe the user.  for the time being, the mailing lists will continue to be hosted in Notes.  So is there an easy way for me to send the appropriate information to notes when the user clicks on a web form?

I know, i'm very short on details (which is not making my life pleasent right now :), here is the only code snippet i have received from them so far:

---- snip ----

Sub Click(Source As Button)
      Dim session As New NotesSession
      Dim doc As NotesDocument
      Dim db As Notesdatabase

      Set db = session.CurrentDatabase

     'send document to mail-in database
      Set doc = New NotesDocument(db)
      doc.form = "Memo"
      doc.subject = "Profile Subscription Update"
      doc.SendTo = "CIO-PaCT-Profiles"
      doc.KeyID = 2926
      doc.SubscribeValue = "Y"

      Call doc.SEND(False)

      Messagebox "Thank you! Your request has been sent."
End Sub

---- snip ----

so it looks to me liek this should be pretty straightforward.  I've spent a few hours digging around here and elseware on the net and havnt found a real solid answere yet.  i've seen mention of "web agents" and this posted on this formum:


Run an agent via URL !
In this agent you can put your @Formulas like @MailSend.




to make things worse, this is of course on a tight deadline (aint it always the way) ... so literally any help you can give me will be *greatly* appriciated... i can reciprocate some html/java/javascript/asp/jsp help in return :)

Question by:joshsteiner
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Expert Comment

ID: 8223643
Well, the code in the button can be placed in an agent (set it to "run once"). When triggered, it's the notes server that runs the could (with your background that's obvious to you!).
The problem is that the messagebox cannot be processed there.... but you could use PRINT to return an url to launch, like:
PRINT "[http://www.....]"
or print an entire HTML page to the client, with a button that brings the user back into the appliction:

PRINT is a lotusscript instruction, a BASIC dialect, just like the existing code.
You could also set the agent to use normal lotus notes code (like @Mailsend) but that has no options to create / send a document in the background.

ASP as in the web language/protocol that I know nothing about, or as application service provider?

Author Comment

ID: 8226362
(ASP as in the web language.)

ok, so on the server i need to create an agent with this code in it, which i can call from a http URL like the one above...

one thing i dont see how to do is how would i identify which user is clicking the subscribe button and hence calling the agent?  
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 8231497
In notes every user has his own id file which includes name and password. Start notes or access a database and the id-file will be consulted and a user's identity is known.
In web applications that file is not used (or even available), but the user's persondocument on the notes server is! On it there's a field where an internet password can be entered.
However, it's only verified when neccesary. If anonymous access is allowed in a database, that's exactly how you'll enter. Even if you have already logged in in another database.
To control that, you'll have to enter databases access control lists (ACL) and deny anonymous access. To do so, you'll need to enter a username "Anonymous" and set it to "No Access".
A web user will now have to login for that single database. When he/she does, you can retrieve his/her name with the @UserName function, or in Lotusscript using the NotesSession.UserName property (feed it into a NotesName element als you'll be able to retrieve the common name etc.).

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