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javascript:void(0) appears in grey area at bottom of screen when i try to open auxillary window

I run Windows xp home edition with Norton Anti Virus 2003 (prof) and Norton Firewall 2003 (prof).  I am having prob with one of the sites that I frequently visit (the one that tells me what is on tv)  When I click on the prog name to get more info on it the message 'javascript:void(0)' shows up in the bottom grey bar at the bottom of the screen.

I know that this query exists somewhere on this site as that is how I found you.  However after looking through 500 query titles, I thought thats enough, I'm going to repeat the query.

Can you help me figure out how to remove this message and get this particular type of screen back.

Thanking you.
3 Solutions
Status message that you have been seen
means that this link is not real link but link "to do nothing" that is meaning of jsvoid(0) .
Probbably there is a onclick javascript handler which actually handle you click on the link.
Your problem is one of this:

-Your scripting support is turned off (the most probbably)
 (You must allow your mashine to process scripts in order to use this kind of fake links)

-There were an error in scripts on this page when page was loaded so scripts stopped executing.

-Your browser is too old so website decide to not support it  (not very likely)

Address that you try to visit will be helpful.

It could also get killed by a local proxy server.

Are you running any anti-popup software (Proxomitron, Pop-Up Killer, Earthlink Blocker etc)? These block common javascript pop-up window code if the code launches a windows from a different server. The software might think your TV guide page is trying to run unwanted ads instead of valid code.
i would agree with tirdun. First check you dont have nortons ad stopper running or if it is turn it off tempararly. try the link again and if it works add the url to the acceptable list of links. Yo may first have to remove it if it is blocked.

Other problems you may be experiancing is browser issues or coding mistakes on the site.

But before you do refresh the page and test if there are erros on the page or errors after you left click the link.
right click to most javascript links will usualy couse some kind of error. (U cant open in new window etc)

If in explorer there is an error it will show down the bottom left corener as a little yellow icon. In netscape u will have to find where it displays errors.
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