Copy a file from the server to clients using batch file

I want to copy a program file from the server to all the clients every time the user logins into a system in windows 2000. I made a batch file and load into the script. it is not working. kindly help
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qamar_mAuthor Commented:
If its a log-on script your looking for on win NT 4.0 server, then this may help

 Windows NT4 Domain
Logon Script


When loging on to an NT Domain:

a Logon-script (if defined, see below) could be executed.

A Logon-script is a BATCH-file, which is stored (usually) on the NT4-Domain server and which is executed on logging on to the Domain.
Any command, which can be executed in a Windows95/98 DOS-box or
NT4-Command-prompt Window, can be defined in the Logon-script.

 The Windows NT Domain Server defines
a default Share to handle the Logon-Scripts.

In the Control-Panel, use the "Server"-applet
to check on the predefined "Shares".
You have a Share called "NETLOGIN",
defined for the directory:
 By default, this directory is shared for
"Everybody" (=everybody with a username defined in the domain) with "Read"

In this directory, the Administrator
places the Logon-Script Files
(= BATCH-files) and (optional)
other files to be accessible for all users.

you (if you are the Administrator and
have Write-Access to NETLOGON) like
to show to all users a message during
the Logon, advising them about important
issues (like: a downtime of the server).

You can place the Info.file in the
NETLOGON-directory and define in the
Logon-Script to display the file (using
NOTEPAD), if the files is existing.

(the START-command for NOTEPAD in the INFO.BAT file is required to ensure, that the LOGON-script continues to process. Without the START-command, the LOGON-script will stop, until NOTEPAD is closed)

Then, you need to define in the "Domain User-Manager" for all the users
to process the Logon-script, defined as part of the "User Environment Profile":

no need to define any path for the Logon-script, as long as it is stored
in the NETLOGON-share.

When these users now logon to the Domain, NOTEPAD will pop-up,
displaying the message.

Often, the Logon-Script is used to map automatically network-drives,
like to the User's Home-Directory, using environment variables defined by the Logon-process:

As a result of the above Logon-Script, a message is displayed
(using NOTEPAD) and 2 network drives are mapped, where drive H:
is the user's Home-Directory:

The Logon-script is often used to synchronize the system-clock of the
systems with the clock of the server, using the "NET TIME"-command:

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