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I have designed a program in Visual Basic 6, when a form opens it has a series of buttons, one of the buttons opens Internet Explorer and displays a Web Page. The problem is that i have a hyperlink to close the window in the web page, a message comes up generated by Internet Explorer saying "The web page you are viewing is trying to close the windows" This then lets you click yes or no to close the window, any ideas how to get rid of this?

Thanks people
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Ryan ChongCommented:
That is the IE behaviour, unless you using to open the web page.
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
how do you open the IE window in first place?
NORTHBROOKAuthor Commented:
This is what im using: -

Private Sub showacp_Click()
     Dim FileName As String, Dummy As String
     Dim BrowserExec As String * 255
     Dim RetVal As Long
     Dim FileNumber As Integer
     BrowserExec = Space(255)
     FileName = "C:\temphtm.HTM"
     FileNumber = FreeFile
     Open FileName For Output As #FileNumber
         Write #FileNumber, "<HTML> <\HTML>"
     Close #FileNumber
     RetVal = FindExecutable(FileName, Dummy, BrowserExec)
     BrowserExec = Trim(BrowserExec)
     If RetVal <= 32 Or IsEmpty(BrowserExec) Then
         MsgBox "Could not find associated Browser", vbExclamation, _
           "Browser Not Found"
         RetVal = ShellExecute(Me.hwnd, "open", BrowserExec, _
           "-k http://nbcintranet/applications/circulars/file.asp?ID=78", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL)
         If RetVal <= 32 Then
             MsgBox "Web Page not Opened", vbExclamation, "URL Failed"
         End If
     End If
     Kill FileName
     End Sub
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Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Well, if you use Automation, you could access the click event of the link and let your program close the window, not IE itself.

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