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Flash/XML/Drag and Drop

I have a flash movie which allows the user to drag and drop items around the screen. If the user drags the item to the correct position, it stays there. If they drag it to the wrong position, it snaps back to its original position. If the item is dragged to the correct position, some text is displayed. This text is taken from an XML document that is loaded when the flash movie executes. When I include the XML in the flash, the drag and drop does not work. It doesn't even respond. If I take the XML out, the drag and drop works fine. The XML has been tested seperately and is fine. Anyone know why this might happen. I am using Flash 6.
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if you post your .fla somewhere on the web, I can take a look "under the hood", but from your description, I can't really tell...

will need the source or part of the code to determine what happen ...

FatlogAuthor Commented:
its solved. i had a very basic error. variable conflicts. should have checked that first!!!
i've another problem though. the XML document contains information that will appear when a certain event occurs. i.e. when you drag an item over a particular are, text about that item appears. the problem is with the cache. when i update the information in the xml document and run the flash movie again, the updated information does not appear. the old information appears! i think this is to do with the cache. anyway around this?
try putting a dummy variable at the end of the filename


myXML = new XML();
myXML.load("theXMLfile.xml?dummy=" + Math.floor(new Date()));


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